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‘Tales of the Night,’ ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ and the Problem of Animation for Teens

Tales of the Night - 4 Large

What animation exists out there that’s regularly screened in schools or shelved in libraries that’s the equivalent of MG or YA lit—feature films (not TV shows) that speak to young people but not to “children”?

Please Take This, Copy It, Use It, Improve It: A Digital Fandom Checklist

Teen Fans of K-pop
(photo credit: Joseph A Ferris III

Teaching librarians and language arts educators have, via fandom, a unique opening to reframe netiquette as something other than a subset of character education or online safety.

Comics Creation Tools: Thoughts From ‘The Graphic Classroom’


“Visual literacy is as old as humanity. Humans learned to communicate visually before they communicated with text. It’s really not new; it just might feel new.”

Comics Creation & Critical Thinking: From Doctor Who to Bitstrips

Gutierrez - Victory of the Daleks

The limitations of most Comics Creation software are actually strengths when it comes to learning about media and enhancing critical thinking skills…

A Couple of Modest Suggestions for Year-End Tax Deductions


Thank you for a great 2012…

Guest Post by Emily Weisenstein and Joseph Gasparro… Superheroes, Branding, and Libraries (Part 2)

Dr. Holmes Finished Design

The most interesting part of the project was seeing how the teens went about modifying the generic superhero to specifically fit the library…

Guest Post by Emily Weisenstein and Joseph Gasparro… Superheroes, Branding, and Libraries (Part 1)

Sam - Cheerleader Hero

When children were asked to create their own superheroes, they were unconsciously tapping into a generic brand and modifying it to create their own representations. They didn’t know it, but they were actively refining an existing brand to make it their own.