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KidLitCon Survey

Ever been to a Kidlit Con, that is, the conference put together just for those who blog about children’s and teen literature?

Ever think of going?

More on what is Kidlit Con at my earlier post, Kidlit Con and Kidlitcon 2010 (oh, I am so witty with the blog post titles!).

Colleen at Chasing Ray has information about a survey for those who have either attended a con or are interested in attending. Please respond, as that input will be used in putting together what does (and does not) get scheduled for next year’s con. EEK, it’s 2011 already, isn’t it? This year’s con! In Seattle!

Greg of GottaBook has ever-thoughtful thoughts (yes, I am really very creative today!) up about the Kidlit Con.

So, go, read, fill out the survey!

Edited to add: I heard some comments about the links not working for the survey, so try this.

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  1. Man I wish Kidlitcon wasn’t going to be all the way across the country this year. I missed going this year and will miss going next as well! Looks to be shaping up to be a great event!

  2. I hope I can go this year…. I love the feeling of being part of a community that it gave me.

  3. Sondy, I hope I can go next year, also.