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YALSA Elections

YALSA’s Election Slate (from the YALSA blog and webpage), annotated with blogs and twitter handles. Also, I’m only putting up blogs & twitter that I know people use professionally; I don’t want to put up something that seems more personal unless that person leaves a note here saying it’s OK. If I’ve missed something, let me know in the comments.

YALSA’s series of podcasts and posts about the election, including interviews with candidates. And, of course, the ballot will include the candidate’s information.

President Elect:
Mary Hastler
Jack Martin

Krista McKenzie
Sarajo Wentling

Fiscal Officer:
Jerene Battisti
Penny Johnson: Twitter: @bplteens

Board of Directors:
Sandra Hughes-Hassell
Molly Krichten
Gail Tobin
Christian Zabriskie

Printz Award:
Naomi Bates, website:
Louise Brueggemann
Meghan Cirrito
Sharon Grover
Heidi Hammond
Lexi Henshel
Sharon Rawlins, Twitter: @bklover (Disclaimer: I work with Sharon!)
Sarah Bean Thompson, Twitter: @greenbeanblog, website:

Edwards Award:
Shari Fesko
Angela Leeper
Barbara Moon
Charli Osborne
Ed Spicer, website:
Jamie Watson

Excellence in Nonfiction:
Ruth Allen
Angela Frederick, Twitter: @angelina41
Angie Manfredi: Twitter: @misskubelik, website:
Judy Nelson
Maren Ostergard
Laura Pearle: Twitter: @VennLibrarian
Adela Peskorz
Jennifer Rothschild: Twitter: @kidsilkhaze, website:

Children’s and teen librarians sometimes run for things outside of YALSA. I know! Anyway, here is what I have put together so far. Leaving anyone out was purely accidental, let me know in the comments and it’ll be fixed.

Alison Ernst, for Council, Twitter: @aaernst

Wendy Stephens, for Council, Twitter: @wsstephens

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