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Battle of the Books

“Scheming Yet?” asks our Commentator. “Hope so.”

You want leaks?  I’ll give you leaks . . . I’m keeping an eye on the Undead Poll as it winds down this week.  If the current leader is able to hold its position until Sunday, it will be an upset of stunning proportions.  The surprise leader has 36% of the vote while the next three trail far, far behind at 11%, 10%, and 10%.  Plot, scheme, conspire!  The poll closes on Sunday.


  1. Give us a little hint? Just a little one, like how many times the word Conspiracy is in the title.

  2. Jonathan Hunt says:

    I cannot confirm that the leading book has the word “conspiracy” in the title, but I can confirm that it has the word “the.” Any guesses?

  3. I always suspected amphibians had a large fan base.

  4. Genevieve says:

    So is it the one that many people think should’ve won the Printz?

  5. I’m skeptical of it having “Conspiracy” in the title, (even though it also has the word “the”) because I’m not sure Jonathan would consider it a surprise… I mean, *he* loves the book so much, *surely* everyone else does, too…

    Likewise, I can see The Last Olympian having a big fan base of folks afraid it wouldn’t get enough attention… but that wouldn’t be that much of a surprise, either!

    Gotta be the frogs. Or people really, really think a certain Printz contender was robbed.

  6. Battle Commander says:

    Our lips are sealed, but do check out the Peanut Gallery for a hint.

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