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Battle of the Books

Announcing the 2015 BoB Guessing Game Winner

We are pleased to announce the winner for the 2015 BoB guessing game:

Robin Lindquist

Out of dozens of BoB followers who participated, Robin is the only one who guessed all eight titles correctly.

A school librarian who works with 375 students and 60 faculty members at Wooster School in Danbury, Connecticut, Robin’s favorite part of being a librarian is finding the right book for the right kid.  She works hard at keeping up with what’s being published, and following BoB is one way to find more great books for her students. Robin started following BoB last year, posting the winners as they were announced on her office door.

This year, Robin was excited to see the lineup.  When asked how she managed to guess all eight titles correctly, she said that she chose the ones that she had either read and liked or thought she would like based on reviews, nothing scientific!  Whatever her method, it worked!

Robin and her library will receive signed books from the 2015 BoB Contenders list.

Thank you all for participating. Next weekend, there will be another chance for someone else to win by predicting the correct Undead title.


  1. amazing! 😀

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