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Battle of the Books

Fantasy Battle of the Kids’ Books & The Guessing Game!

Battle Commander (with words)


Roxanne & Monica started hosting Fantasy BoB last year at our school, with members of the faculty book club.  This year, 6-8 grade students are added to the mix.  The student judges’ statements will be added to the comment area for each corresponding Match for Round 1 and Round 2.

The teachers met last Friday after a month of reading and mulling over two (or four) titles each.  We had a lively meeting, with much agreement but also vehemently debated opinions.

Here’s the list of our “winners” for Round 1.  In cases of multiple readers of the same pairing, the title receiving more votes are declared the winner:

Round 1, Match 1

Freedom Over Me

Round 1, Match 2

When Green Becomes Tomatoes

Round 1, Match 3

The Girl Who Drank the Moon (unanimous)

Round 1, Match 4

March, Book III (unanimous)

Round 1, Match 5

Some Writer (unanimous)

Round 1, Match 6

When The Sea Turned to Silver (unanimous)

Round 1, Match 7

The Lie Tree

Round 1, Match 8

The Sun Is Also A Star (unanimous)

If you are running a Fantasy BoB in your community, please comment below and let us know what are some top choices by your students or library patrons.

Battle Commander (with words)

The First Round Guessing Game Continues

On March 1st, we posted the Judge Pairings so it might be easier for BoB enthusiasts to guess which eight titles will advance to Round 2.

Some of you already put in your guesses.  If you have yet to participate, it’s not too late.  Just comment here and have a chance to win prizes!


  1. My sixth graders were able to do a little “speed dating” with each title before they chose which book to read first. They are deep into reading and guessing winners now, excited to see the first battle tomorrow! Here are their guesses for round one:
    Freedom Over Me
    Tie-hopefully it won’t be a dreaded coin toss by the judge!
    Samurai Rising
    Wet Cement
    Lie Tree
    The Sun is Also a Star

    Ghost was the big winner for the Undead.

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