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Battle of the Books

The Winner of the 2017 Undead Poll is….

Battle Commander (gravatar)

This year we watched the Undead Poll with fascination. While every contender was poking his or her head up from the ground, every one had clear love out there, two almost immediately shot into the lead: Ghost and The Girl Who Drank the Moon. And  they stayed pretty much neck and neck until the polls closed. Now you’d think the track star would be the winner, wouldn’t you? But in the end it was the Newbery winner that inched ahead, winning with eight votes. So, lo and behold, there is still a chance for the Newbery curse to be broken!



Battle Commander (gravatar)



for coming back from the Dead

to make it into the final contest!


  1. I find it interesting (ironic, maybe?) that these two were originally paired up against each other in the Battle Brackets, but things turned out differently when the Judge James Dashner made the call about which would move on. Nice to see Girl Who Drank the Moon come back here 🙂

  2. Yay! A lovely fantasy MG book in the finals! Looking forward to reading Kwame Alexander’s decision tomorrow! – RGN

  3. Winning with eight votes? Does that mean that eight people total voted for TGWDTM, or that it had eight more votes than Ghost?

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