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Why Are Zombies So Good for Libraries?

More than just a craze, the interest in zombies points the way towards a new kind of literacy engagement.

4 Questions for Richard Beach about Literacy and Digital Comics Creation

“There’s a shift towards a more multimodal ways of communicating through digital videos, VoiceThread, and graphic novels/comics that is more appealing and engaging to adolescents who now expect such multimodal ways of learning…”

Comics Generators and Literacy: Edtech and Nontech Insights from Bill Zimmerman

“By encouraging their students to create comic strips, teachers accomplish important goals: they prepare their students for being able to appreciate art more, to gain visual literacy.”

Guest Post by Anna Smith… New York Comic Con and the Literacies of Fandom

Even when a young child is curled up alone silently flipping pages, she is interpreting the text in ways influenced by the communities around her…

Recommended Comics for Schools: Pippi Moves In, An Inspector Calls, District Comics, A Chinese Life

…can I help it if so many great graphic titles have been published this year?

New NCTE Research Brief Aligns Perfectly with Pop Culture Fandom… and Libraries

“Students who develop expertise with a particular kind of reading— science fiction or online games, for example—outside of school may not think this kind of reading will be valued by their teachers.”

The R.L. Stine Interview, Part 2: The Value of Series Fiction

“I’m a big P.G. Wodehouse fan—that’s bad for my horror image.”