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Library of the Living Dead!

Even small academic libraries can be confusing for students.

And so, the librarians at the Miller Library at McPherson College developed the super-cool, zombie-rich graphic novel, Library of the Living Dead, as a vehicle for introducing student users to their resources and services.

The authors explain their mission, one designed to combat zombie-style research on campus:

Information literacy/library instruction at McPherson College is very important. We want you to know how to use the library’s resources for your coursework and for your future careers. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy the library. We don’t want to just give you a tour of the place and call it quits. We want you to view the library in a different way. It’s not just a building full of books (although that seems incredible enough to some of us). It is a place that can literally save your day, whether you need to find that one bit of crucial information for your research or you find yourself trapped by a horde of flesh-eating zombies. We want you to view the library and those who work here as being dedicated to your academic survival and success. And in the case of the story that follows, we just want to keep you alive.

Thanks, Miller Library*!  I am already planning my own dezombifying comic ideas for next year’s freshman orientation.
*Story by C. Michael Hall and Matt Upson. Written and Drawn by C. Michael Hall. Colors by Dustin Evans. Instructional Text Pages by Matt Upson.

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word on our zombie guide! If your have any questions please contact me through my website: or follow me on twitter @thunderbrarian
    Matt Upson


  1. […] Joyce Valenza links to a great project from the librarians at McPherson College, who came up with a short graphic novel called Library of the Living Dead to explain library services to new students. It has me thinking of all kinds of great ideas (and glad that generally libraries are not zombie-infested.) […]

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