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Shannon’s Padlet on change and our other BLC presos

Greetings from Boston where I’ve been learning and presenting with friends at Alan November’s Building Learning Communities Conference.

I have much to report on, but first I want to share Shannon Miller’s Padlet asking folks to share their vision of library change–roles, responsibilities, physical spaces, collections, etc.–for the upcoming school year.

The response was wonderfully rich and varied, including 43 (and counting) reflections from practitioners at all grade levels; newbies, veterans, and retirees; administrators; academics; classroom teachers; tech integrators; and more.

Shannon blogged and shared:

The voices that have gathered in this space are teacher librarians, administrators and teachers…..We all need to embrace the importance of what libraries and teacher librarians bring to our students, teachers, communities and spaces.  We can truly make a difference by being heard and sharing the importance of having a teacher librarian and library within every school.

You’ll know many of these names.

Compare your vision for 2013/14 with such folks as ALA President Barbara Stripling.

Shannon’s slides are located here.

Our shared presentations with Michelle Luhtala are embedded below.

More BLC to come! For a big picture view, follow the #BLC13 hashtag.

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