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Tackling the questions in 2014

I love Jennifer LaGarde’s idea of beginning the year with questions, rather than resolutions.

Jennifer recently asked 11 Questions (About Libraries) That Need Answers.  And Doug Johnson added a few of his own in a Blue Skunk Blog post. (See below.)

The lovely part about this whole social media thing is that we can attack our challenging questions as a network.

In the next couple of weeks, how about resolving to join the discussion?

Our next TL Virtual Cafe, moderated by the talented, gracious and busy Matthew Winner (check out his 2013 Yearbook), will feature Library Girl, Jennifer LaGarde and Candid Librarian, Jennifer Northrup.  Join us at 8PM Eastern, Monday, January 6th when we address tips and tricks for stepping out of the stacks and into the limelight as instructional, pedagogical and technological library leaders!
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The intrepid team, led by Nikki Robertson, decided there were questions enough, so there’ll be no Twitpoll for #TLChat Live on Twitter! this month.  On Monday, January 13th, we’ll be addressing many of those big, fat questions posed by Jennifer LaGarde and Doug Johnson.

Jennifer’s Questions:

  1. How will you make a difference for students?
  2. How will you make your work the answer to the priorities/problems that keep your principal up at night?
  3. How will you use student data to make instructional and programatic decisions?
  4. How will you measure success?
  5. How will you connect the dots between your work and student learning?
  6. How will you share this data with your administrators and community?
  7. How will you ensure your diverse population sees themselves in your space (as well as in your collection)?
  8. How will you dispel negative/outdated library stereotypes?
  9. How will you grow your PLN?
  10. How will you help strengthen our profession by sharing your work beyond the walls of your school.
  11. How will you make sure everyone who walks into the library sees a focus on students (instead of stuff).
Doug’s Follow Up Questions:
  1. What new skills will you learn this year that you can teach your students and staff?
  2. What rules can you change to make your library a more user-friendly place?
  3. What is your library’s “purple cow?” (Boring is always the riskiest strategy – Godin)
  4. How can you demonstrate leadership in your building? What are you willing to take responsibility for?
  5. What can you do to get the non-connected members of our profession* who you know connected, changing, and good representatives of the library field?
  6. Have you asked yourself about your personal commitment to the field? Are you still a librarian in order to make the world a better place?

Get ready for a pace even more frantic pace than usual–if we actually attempt to cover all of these provocative questions.  Get ready for some fabulous inspiration as well.  (Happily, we archive it all.)

On Monday, January 20, 2014: Georgia Library Media Association (GLMA) will be the guest of the TL News Night! panel.  Details to come.

Remember, friends, in 2014, you have to work very hard to feel isolated.
Any questions?


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Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


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