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Michelle’s smashing app fest

Michelle Luhtala had been crowd-sourcing her latest edWeb,net webinar for a few weeks and we were all feeding her tips and faves.

Her resulting edWeb app-share on Wednesday kinda blew my mind.

It was so much more than a list of tools.

It demonstrated how educators are creatively using tools for real learning and serious engagement.

How when we know about the affordances of promising tools, we can leverage their synergy.

How we smash apps–combine the affordances of a variety of those tools, with our own talents, and our students’ learning needs and interests–to conjure little classroom or library magic.

You can access the There’s an app for that webinar.  (Registration is free.)  The slides are also available.

Here are videos of some of my favorite educators describing how they use their favorite apps.  I am particularly fond of the one on the top left. (Note how  app smashing was used in the creation of this presentation as well as the webinar itself.)

As Michelle mentioned, she and I are both lovers of edshelf as a curation and sharing tool for teaching tools.  Here’s the crowd-sourced A List from the session.
The edWebET47 – The A-List Collection by Michelle Luhtala

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