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liberi.o: from Docs to pub

My favorite third party solutions for e-publishing include Issuu, FlipSnack, and ePubBud for kiddos.

But, if you or your students do any serious writing using Google Docs, you’ve probably longed for an instant strategy for sharing your text masterpieces as ebooks., just out of private beta, may be a serious answer.  The program allows you to convert any text-based document into an ebook immediately from Google Drive.   The program maintains elements of your Docs text formatting, links, images.  You may upload your own cover or choose from a variety of free cover templates.

Published books may be downloaded, emailed or immediately shared on Amazon, Google Play on the iBooks  They may also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

This is a super-simple and very viable option for publishing anything you create independently or collaboratively on Google Docs–student writing and art, class anthologies, school/library documents and manuals, course documents, community histories, texts for iPads.

I played around with a recent piece.  Here’s a peek at the publishing options, a page view, and what it looks like on my iBook shelf.

(Note: I made it with the Kindle cover template in Canva.)



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