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Seedling Comic Studio

Here’s a winner to add to your mobile storytelling toolkit! Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.51.08 PM

Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Seedling Comic Studio is a low-learning curve, free tool for comic/graphic story creation.  Make one-frame or an entire multi-page book combining photographs from your camera or camera roll, cut-outs, speech bubbles, free-form text, filters, backgrounds and stickers.

The basic free product includes a flexible library of 13 layouts and the comic, holiday, pixel and space themes with corresponding effects, costumes, props and backgrounds.  (Adventure,  Doodle, and Haunted are available for in-app purchase for $0.99.) Users are asked to solve a multiplication problem and ask a parent for permission before opening an area where purchases can be made.



The ability to take photos in app and immediately create cut-outs is very cool.  (Note: It’s not as easy, of course, if your hair is curly.)

Editing is easy and intuitive and fine for ages nine and beyond.  Of course, stories can take any shape, creative fiction or non-fiction, biographical, persuasive message, explanatory, call to action, etc.  Kiddos will love this.  Introduce it to teachers across the curriculum.  Use it yourself to create posters and instruction.

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