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Design tools to die for

We’re getting a little fussier about the way our stuff looks.  My students and I are coming to the realization that this read/write web thing makes us all not only writers, but designers as well. I am collecting a full range of tools on our New Tools Guide, but I thought I share just a […]

Speaking Image

I discovered Speaking Image via my Diigo network this morning and the wheels are spinning.  The application, an online tool for the interactive annotation of images,  allows users to create and share their interactive images with individuals and groups and to manage permissions for collaborative work.  Moving way beyond adding text annotation similar to Flickr’s […]

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

True confession. When it comes to cars and technology, I readily admit that I love being an end-user. I am not all that fond of trying to understand what goes on under the hood.  But if I am going to be an effective integrator, and if I am going to explain stuff to others, sometimes […]