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Talking About a Revolution

In NJ Library, Citing Child Pornography, Removes GLBT Book,  SLJ reports “A New Jersey public library has ordered the removal of all copies of Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology (Alyson, 2000) from its shelves–despite the fact there was no formal book challenge–and its library director has referred to the title as “child pornography.”

Read the full article, including the comments.

Other places to go for information and conversation about this book and the removal following a non-challenge:

New Jersey ACLU open records requests show book removal decisions history at Library Law Blog, which includes the internal library emails obtained by the NJ ACLU that reveals how and why the book was removed. Disclaimer: My blog is mentioned in the emails, because I’ve been posting about this for a couple months now. reporting on the Library Law Blog post. Check out the comments, many anonymous.

Blog post from National Coalition Against Censorship. This post mentions the 9.12 connection that comments at the SLJ article are disputing. Google news 9.12 and “Revolutionary Voices” to see May 2010 news paper reports that reflect the 9.12 involvement in this removal, including this one.

My original post on this issue — it’s the one that is referenced in the emails. Note the anonymous comment which attempts to promote readers to say “of course this book should be banned!” While I (and others) back up our posts, articles, and tweets with names, anon does not. Interesting, this is the post that was mentioned in the emails and commented on, instead of the more recent post I did on the removal.

And, finally, Bookshelves of Doom and her take, because seriously, part of my philosophy of blogging is “link to Leila once a week.”

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