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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
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How Much Does a Reviewer Really Know?

Over at Fuse #8, Betsy asked “How much is an author obligated to say?” and there was quite the healthy discussion. In a nutshell, for the small handful of you who don’t read Betsy and don’t click over to her post or clicked over and thought tl;dr, Betsy ponders those who read Mockingbird by Erskine, […]

In My Mailbox

Don’t get all excited! No, this isn’t me doing an In My Mailbox post. This is me explaining what In The Mailbox is. Full information is at The Story Siren‘s blog — but don’t worry, more on that in a moment. A blogger tracks the books they received during the week: books from publishers, picked up from […]

Your Favorite YA Book Blogs

There are so many different types of Young Adult Book Blogs out in the book blogosphere! Some are written by teenagers. Some are written by people who are no longer teens. Some are written by librarians, some by teachers, some by readers. Some are about a personal reader reaction. Some are about booktalking or handselling […]

Ask Winston

Kirby Larson has a series at her blog called Ask Winston. This is Winston: This week’s question is about reviewing books by friends. As Winston tends to bark responses, I helped out with the answer and include the blogger’s prayer. You didn’t know there was one? Read my answer over at Kirby’s blog to find out the prayer! Linda […]