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TL Tube? Part 2

My search for teacher-librarian/school library video, continued from the last post: Elementary librarian Doug Valentine, a.k.a. Dr. Loopy, a member of our TeacherLibrarianNing, recently posted three very clever, tongue-in-cheek videos about school libraries and school librarians. I later discovered that these are but three of his many funny efforts posted on TeacherTube. He’s given us […]

Time for TL Tube?

My last post on student video got me thinking:  How are school libraries and school library programs represented on the Web in the world of student- and teacher-produced video? I did a little digging through my own wiki links, through YouTube, and TeacherTube, and Chris Smith’s Web 2.0 Videos/PPTs and through Nancy Dowd’s Library Videos […]

Learning on other channels

Marco Torres is known informally as "the Rachel Ray of video." She gets us to want to cook better. He to gets us to want to communicate better. I first saw social studies teacher Marco Torres last year, when he keynoted at the BLC conference. His passion and his examples of student work grabbed a […]

BLC and other unconferences

Summarizing BLC (Alan November’s Building Learning Communities) is a mighy tough challenge.  For the past two years, it’s ranked among this conference junkie’s top one or two favorite events.  One reason this conference–and NECC too–are hard to describe is that so much happened outside the box, or should I say outside the brochure?  Ideas were […]

Trying to present zen

I stuck a fork in it and it isn’t done.  I am not yet happy with my new presentation.  I spent a lot of time this year working with students on communication skills.  I know that good presentations tell stories.  I know that good presentations do not come loaded with bullets.  So I am cleaning […]

Me and my networks

I am alone in my little house in the Pocono Mountains.  I come up here for as long as I can each summer to get away, to think, to write, to plan, to veg. But "alone" is a funny word.  I am more connected than ever before.  Take last night for instance.  I attended the […]

A Picture is Worth . . .(continued)

(Continued from my last post because of character count limits) More cool new web-based image tools: In the old days, we asked learners to create collages to represent themselves, historic events, book characters, etc.  We can now use online tools like StainedGlassCollage or Tabblo to create even more sophisticated collage efforts. Mappr, a Flickr mash-up […]

A Picture is Worth . . .(Part 1)

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed a virtual explosion of visual tools perfect for use in our classrooms and libraries.  Allow me to illustrate a few of my personal favorites–in two posts because of the darn character count limit here! ToonDoo, a cartoon strip generator, can be used to illustrate vocabulary, allow a literary character […]

NECC: Here’s the next best thing

I know many of you were in DC a little over a week ago.  Not to worry!  If you missed the excitement of NECC in Atlanta, and you still want to experience just a bit of the conference, enhanced podcasts are the next best thing to being there. Apple Learning Interchange just posted 23 presentations […]

Contribute to our guidelines

Please help.  I am on the committee tasked with the huge responsibility of rewriting the national guidelines (aka Information Power).  You can help build this important project. So many of you participate in inspiring instruction.  You create model learning activities.  Please share that work as exemplars in our new document. We hope to include examples […]