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Critical mass–a 2.0 share fest?

My colleague Ken and I are responsible for planning a tech inservice for next Tuesday.  I’ve been pretty involved with the AASL conf and some other projects and I worried about planning this one.  While riding the shuttle, it occurred to me that we might be reaching critical mass in our building.  We don’t have […]

Live from Reno (but not so much–yet)

It feels like home here.  Greetings from AASL’s 13th Annual Conference!  I feel like I am with my people. I am learning much and will be posting more once I process.  (I am still not very good at live blogging.)  One of the thrills has been meeting and scheming with young librarians.  Robin Williams (from […]

Live from Treasure Mountain: My Rant

David Loertscher asked me to rant about the future at this morning’s Treasure Mountain research retreat.  I thought I’d share the rough version with you.  (More about the retreat and AASL a little later.) Power has been shifting in nearly every profession.  In ours, it has turned head over heels.  Over the past two years […]

Fall cafe live: our first art show

We hosted a cool program a few days back–Shift: A Fall Show.  We hope it will become the first of a new series of artsy library events. For a long time we filled our library with student work, especially student art.  I’ve always loved the sense of student ownership.  This year, we installed a student […]

More "things": Part 3

Just a few more things to add to our growing list of applied things. 6. Begin your own Ning for social networking. Create one for your state organization, your faculty, your PTA, your high school reunion organizing committee. Use some of these examples as models: TeacherLibrarianNing Classroom 2.0 Ning LibraryYouthServices 2.0 Quick PicksNing Best BooksNing […]

New "things": Part 2

3. Rethink PowerPoint and other presentation strategies. Attack the presentation culture in your school or district. Is everyone forced to either listen to or deliver bullet-driven PowerPoint?  Are you exploring other presentation options? Have you considered other strategies for improving standard presentation tools?  You have options and you can take the lead.  Share some background […]

More "things": Next steps along the 2.0 journey

I am a big admirer of those things.  Helene Blowers’ Learning 2.0  and California’s School Library Learning 2.0 continue to do a brilliant job helping librarians and teacher librarians train themselves for leadership in new information landscapes.  While those amazing first-step activities continue to introduce professionals to powerful tools now available, I thought we might […]

Natives and immigrants revisited

For the past few of years, I’ve been bumping into Mark Prensky at conferences.  Around two years ago, after hearing him present at NECC and at the Scottish Learning Festival, I felt compelled to explore his message in a blog post.  I also had a friendly argument with him at the BLC conference this summer. […]

K12 Online Starts tomorrow!

Last week I pointed to David Warlick’s keynote.  This week the event begins for real.  Check the schedule and make sure you attend this wonderful unconference this week!  It’s free.  It’s convenient.  It’s global. You have no excuse.  Once they are posted, you’ll be able to experience podcasts from exciting leaders in the world of […]

That crazy little thing called "fair use" (and a solution)

Back in the spring, Renée Hobbs, of Temple University’s Media Education Lab, came by to interview me for a study exploring teachers’ understanding of the concept of fair use.  We sat for quite a while as I described my own understandings.  As I chatted with Renee, I revealed my own confusion.  I described my growing […]