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Someday My Printz Will Come
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2013: The Contenda List Begins Anew!

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Here at Someday, we are getting organized for a full year of reading and thinking. (A full year, you guys! Well, nearly a full year! Not just a few months, anyway! As an official Slow Percolator, I am feeling really happy about this! I will include a few more exclamation points in order to illustrate my feelings: !!!!!!!!!) Behind the scenes, we’re combing through catalogs, checking publisher websites, and getting our review sources in order.

Here’s some of what we’re keeping our eyes peeled for:

New stuff from past winners, including John Green’s The Fault in our Stars and Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Drowned Cities — man, am I curious to see what else he’ll have to say about his dystopic, scary world. Oooh, and new books from Walter Dean Myers and Libba Bray!

Of course there’s also the stuff that’s getting good buzz: Matthew Quick’s Boy21, Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity, Jacqueline Woodson’s Beneath a Meth Moon all come to mind.

And I’m looking forward to tracking down Faith Erin Hick’s Friends with Boys. Oh, and Melina Marchetta’s sequel to Finnikin, Froi of the Exiles, is coming out, too!

Oooooh, and Stephanie Hemphill has a new title, Ron Koertge has coauthored a collection of fairy tale inspired short stories, there’s new stuff from Patrice Kindl and Nina LaCour… Like Elizabeth said, it’s already shaping up to be a fantastic year.

But what about you all? What’s on your pile? What are you determined to track down?

About Sarah Couri

Sarah Couri is a librarian at Grace Church School's High School Division, and has served on a number of YALSA committees, including Quick Picks, Great Graphic Novels, and (most pertinently!) the 2011 Printz Committee. Her opinions do not reflect the attitudes or opinions of SLJ, GCS, YALSA, or any other institutions with which she is affiliated. Find her on Twitter @scouri or e-mail her at scouri35 at gmail dot com.


  1. I am really looking forward to The Drowned Cities – so happy to see it’s coming out soon! And I just put Beneath a Meth Moon on request…

  2. I think The Fault in Our Stars is going to be hard to beat. Green’s already gotten Printz love, and I’d say TFiOS is better than Looking for Alaska.

  3. This year I would love to be able to keep up with you guys even just a little bit (I’m a painfully slow reader and this fight is three against one). This post reminds me that I wanted to ask you about that. Maybe if you toss out promising titles like this on a regular basis, as you’re reading them — or thinking of reading them — we can tailor our TBR piles better to follow along?

    I’m eager to read CODE NAME VERITY, I’m in the middle of TFiOS, and I wonder whether I need to read Finnikin in order to tackle Froi.

    Have I mentioned hooray?

  4. I’m looking forwrd to Wonder Show by Hannah Barnaby. It was presented during yesterday’s SLJ Book Buzz for Teens. Takes place at a 1930s side show.

    There were other intruiging books presented, but this one caught my eye several months ago, and I was happy to learn that it’s already receiving attention.

  5. I adored FROI. More of a companion to FINNIKIN than a sequel.

    Take a look at Lyga’s I HUNT KILLERS. Yes, high concept: but also very strong characterization and plotting.

  6. I’m really looking forward to Bitterblue, which I read on Cashore’s blog ended up being longer and more complicated than Graceling or Fire, so I hope it might get some consideration. Also can’t wait for Froi.

    I liked TFiOS, but did anyone else feel like they were reading a better version of a Lurlene McDaniel book? I cried my way through the 2nd half of the book, but I felt like it was sort of manipulating me to cry. I have to say, it wasn’t my favorite John Green (that would be Will Grayson, Will Grayson, where the emotion snuck up on me).

  7. Noooo! Don’t talk about this yet!

  8. Sarah Couri says:

    Oh, I’m glad to hear about these other titles, thanks you guys!

    Kaitlyn, I was debating about mentioning Bitterblue because I am, personally, really looking forward to reading it. And because I’m really eager to see where Cashore goes, as a writer. But I was trying to keep it short and sweet and more about the conversation…and so now I’m glad you gave me an excuse to be excited about it in the comments! :-)

    And Liz, I totally forgot that Barry Lyga’s new book would be out. I’m excited for that one, too. Eeee!

    Jennifer, I’ll have to look for Wonder Show. I seem to have caught your intrigue!

    Elizabeth, one part of the plan for this year is to try to do more of these shortish posts with titles and reading so that by the time the fall rolls around, we can really do this whole Mock Printz thing right. As a fellow slow reader (and I’m an even slower thinker), I Feel Your Pain. We’re doing what we can to help!

  9. Sophie Brookover says:

    Liz, talk to me about FROI. Do I need to have read FINNIKIN to follow & savor it?

    I’m reading THE DISENCHANTMENTS right now and really enjoying it.

    Some GNs on my TBR list include the aforementioned FRIENDS WITH BOYS, THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS, by Mark Long & Jim Demonakos and THE MOON MAN, by Jack Vance. All three are First Second titles — can you guess whose website I was trawling last night? — and I am hoping for some good titles out of Fantagraphics, as well.

  10. I did not know that Elizabeth Wein has a new book coming out! I kind of flipped out there for a second. Also, I’m excited to see what other people are looking forward to – I’ve got some serious reading to do!

  11. I’m also dying to read THE SONG OF ACHILLES by Madeline Miller.

  12. D’oh! That’s a 2011 book. See? I need help.

  13. Liz, I agree with you about the strong characterization and plotting for I HUNT KILLERS, but I thought the writing itself wasn’t real strong and that it had the typical series opener problem: Tons of setup and exposition to get through. I also had noted in my Goodreads review that I thought the secondary characters lacked depth, but thinking over it again, I’m not sure that holds water. The sheriff and girlfriend in particular stick out as more fully characterized in my long-term memory than they were in my short-term memory. (Sorry for the lack on names on the characters – I don’t have the book in front of me and while Jazz’s name sticks, the other characters don’t – except Virginia). I did think the best friend’s blood clotting disease (?) served as a large part of his characterization and I found the tattoo bit hard to believe. Although I thought the final tattoo was spot on for Jazz’s character, I felt the whole thing with the tattoos was setup just to facilitate that. Despite all that, I really liked the book and would definitely read the next one, I just don’t know that I think it’s Printz-worthy.

  14. I really liked Boy 21!

  15. Sophie Brookover says:

    I love to trawl starred reviews lists for possibilities (of course, we could write a whole post about how the criteria for a star vary from review journal to review journal, AND about how those criteria differ from the Printz criteria). SLJ just gave Benjamin Alire Saenz’ new book, ARISTOTLE & DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, a shiny five-pointer. I’ll definitely want to look at that, too!

    Complete list of February 2012 stars from SLJ:

  16. Sophie, while FROI is a companion, not a strict sequel, I think it’s better with the world building provided in FINNIKIN. That said, it is a stand alone story arc.

    Elizabeth, I’m 90% sure that ACHILLES was a 2011 UK release but will be a 2012 US release. Under the Printz guidelines, it’s eligible this year.

  17. Ah, but I believe in the meantime I discovered one other hitch: isn’t ACHILLES an adult book aimed at YA crossover, like PURE and THE NIGHT CIRCUS?

  18. I was wondering when John Green would get around to his meaning-of-life cancer book. He likes to tackle the Big Issues for which, unfortunately, he doesn’t have the intellectual heft – at least not yet. The Fault in Our Stars is Love Story for the present generation, with just the right dash of look-at-me cleverness to impress at first glance. All in all, typical Green characterisation, hefty emotional manipulation, improbable developments, and worst of all, lack of real depth. But lots of readers will love it.

  19. Working on getting books on our poll for next month and have been trolling the review mags and just trying to keep my ears open.

    Some books we’ll be voting on:
    There is No Dog by Rosoff
    Double by Valentine
    Catch and Release by Woolston

    I’m keeping track of books you mentioned here and tracking down pub dates. We’ve got some good reading in the months ahead!

  20. Karyn Silverman says:

    Jess et al, Code Name Verity is amazing. I wish I could fast forward to September so I could explain all of its genius. For now, add it to your must read pile!

    Kathy/The Brain Lair, all of those are on my list too. Catch and Release has gotten some nice buzz, so here’s hoping. Rosoff hasn’t blown me away with a YA since how i live now, but hope springs eternal.

    John Barnes (Printz Honor for Tales of the Madmen Unxerground) also has a new one–Losers in Space, which I started last night (after putting down the Disenchantments, which wasn’t blowing me away, although I’ll come back to it). Also quite excited to talk about Seraphina, by Rachel Hartman, which will appeal to all of you looking forward to Bitterblue.

    So many books! And it’s only February.

  21. Kaitlyn! Now I’m ready to talk analytically about TFiOS with someone! Maybe by e-mail someday?

  22. I just have to say I’m reading CODE NAME VERITY right now and it’s knocking my socks off. I mean… WOW. I’d say it gives THE FAULT IN OUR STARS a run for its money– and I loved that one, too, so this is no small thing.

  23. Karyn Silverman says:

    Oh, I think Verity is MUCH MUCH better than TFiOS. TFiOS was a great read, but I think it has a few massive flaws; I’m not going to say Verity is perfect, but I think the flaws are really minor notes.

  24. So are we talking about TFiOS now? Huh, are we? Are we?!

  25. Karyn Silverman says:

    Oh, have at it! I know you are probably spoiling for a fight!

  26. Joy Millam says:

    Karyn– you said it. TFiOS is a great read, but the flaws are MASSIVE! One thing took me right out of the book and I was way, way into it.
    I loved the characters. Green has a way with the adolescent voice. So true-to-life with no trace of adult voice encroaching.
    I’m tracking down the contendas- but will have to wait on Verity as I didn’t get a copy at MW. I’m excited about the many good ones that are out there already.

  27. ‘His Name was Raoul Wallenberg’ may be worth a looksie, for those unafraid of NF/biography.

  28. Steffaney Smith says:

    Just cannot wait for “Ashes,” the third book of Laurie Halse Anderson’s “Chains” series, to come out at the end of summer. By the way, Roger, in reading my May/June Hornbook, I see you mention John Green signed all 150,000 first editions of “The Fault in Our Stars,” but I can’t see a signature in my first edition…were there more than 150,000 first editions published? Sigh. (Due to my summer reading program workload, I will be reading 2011 “best” books….can’t wait to read “Between Shades of Gray” and “Dead End in Norvelt.” I do have “The Mighty Miss Malone” and “Wonder” already purchased, so I’m looking forward to those. I also read a teaser sample of “Grave Mercy” on the internet so I purchased that book for the library and plan to forge into that! There are plenty of books to read, that’s for sure! And not enough summer….

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