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Moriarty, Hannibal, and Despicable Me: How We End Up Rooting for the Bad Guy

It’s okay to find the villain appealing in certain respects—in fact, much of pop culture depends on our doing just that.

Holmes and Watson: Too Archetypal For Their Own Good?

Should fans be flattered, rather than annoyed, when their fan object achieves archetypal status… thus leaving itself open to myriad re-interpretations, including radical ones?

Happy Birthday, Conan Doyle! Your Gifts To Us Are Doing Just Fine, By The Way…

Speaking of which… did you happen to catch the series finale of “House” last night?

It’s Giveaway Time Again: “Sherlock” Season Two on DVD

Out on Region 1 DVD tomorrow, Sherlock’s S2 builds on the fun of S1 while continuing the series’ masterful update of literature’s most famous detective…