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Kindle for the Web (Beta)

Kindle for the Web Beta launched today.  The new feature allows folks to sample first chapters of Kindle books on web browsers, preferably Firefox 3.6, Safari 5, or Chrome 5.

To sample titles:

click the “Read first chapter FREE” button while shopping for selected books at to view the sample in your browser window. To purchase the book, click the “Get Kindle Edition” button. You can then read your Kindle book on your Kindle or any free Kindle reading application. Kindle for the Web Beta will also allow you to sample Kindle books through other websites and blogs that use the Kindle for the Web Beta to share samples of their favorite books.

Unlike Amazon’s other preview, the bookie-feeling  Search Inside the Book option, the Kindle for the Web feels well, kindlie.

You scroll pages, create notes, bookmark, and adjust font size.

You may also decide to return to the Amazon store and purchase the full Kindle edition.

An Embed icon on the right side of Kindle window allows readers to share  sample chapters on websites, blogs and wikis.   The Share icon allows users to  sample via Facebook, e-mail, or Twitter.  (Note: I was unable to see the embed code and share features.  Is it because my Kindle is an early generation model?)

Amazon plans to pay referral fees for  complete book purchases.

I am just a little worried about my instinctive plans to use this feature to promote books  like I do a variety of publishers’ see inside widgets.

Is this different?

Should I be torn between my desire to promote my library titles with first-chapter teasers and the ethics of  promoting a commercial vendor with Buy Now logos on a school site?

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