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#tlchat launches intensely (and archiving tweets)

We launched #tlchat last night.  And wow.

Worried that we’d have to fill in the lulls with prepared tweets, our small group of organizers had a full page of them ready to go.

There was no need to worry.

In fact, the chat needed no nurturing at all.  Most of us struggled to keep up with the barrage of smart ideas surrounding collaboration.

The stream was intense, but I had no idea how intense until I discovered I could grab the tweets from the night into a spreadsheet to archive them.

Using the free program, SearchHash, designed for post-event analysis, I was able to download the tweets into a spreadsheet and then import them into a sharable Google Spreadsheet.

The topic last night was: Collaboration – how to get it going and keep it going.

Here is just a taste of some of my favorites from last night’s nearly 1000(!) tweets:

@susanrmyers: Edmodo and other LMS are a great way to get started collaborating #tlchat

@stylinlibrarian: New school= collaboration by sneaking into planning meetings and then sliding a book/emailing a websource the team’s way… #tlchat

@dmcordell:  “I made my best contacts with parents during school sporting events

@wyotigger: I give all my NEW teachers a 4G flash drive … #TLChat” Make bigger, and Pre-load w/how-to doc’s? -> …

@congerjan: Love that idea! @Jenlinlong @joycevalenza– putting orientation handouts on a flash drive to give to teachers. That’s a great idea.

@librarian_tiff: We are using @Schoology this year as our LMS and we are loving the collaborative features/resource sharing #tlchat
@meg_allison: Collaborating with parents: Hanging out in the hallways at the end of the day makes me available for informal chats. #TLchat
@coxtl: I connect/collab with parents using Smore newsletters and @remind101 text notifications, easy and fun #tlchat
@gwynethjones I have asked my parents who are experts in various topics like medicine, law enforcement to give presentations. #tlchat
@jenniferlagarde: I’m going to print out geek tribe stickers for teachers! Great way to reward their efforts! #tlchat
@matthewwinner: I connect w my parents thru a quarterly book club for gr 3-5 and parents. Everyone reads book and we meet to discuss w/ snacks
@coxtl: I also connect with parents by calling 1 parent a day to brag on a child, I call them happy calls, parents will talk about it all yr #tlchat
@ljdougherty: Invite yourself to grade level/department meetings to share ideas #TLCHAT #TLCHAT
@bjansen: Scheduling meetings with indiv. teachers to talk abt specific lib. resources and collaborations to support their classes.
@bjansen: Presenting 15 min. short courses to freshmen weekly in study hall. @dropbox @evernote GoogleApps OneNote and others.
@librarymail: I train my lib helper on tech and they become the genius bar in our library #tlchat
@nikkidrobertson: Post my student library aides pics on circ desk #tlchat NICE! My 5th graders take turns all yr.
@wyotigger: #tlchat Have a new teacher using Goodreads w/students. Asked to be a part of his groups to get ideas for fiction.. #tlchat
@millerg6 Here’s ours in the mornings. No clerk so kids run circ desk. I roam to help kids & prep broadcast #tlchat
@jenniferlagarde: I’ve invite tchrs 2 help me spend grant $$ – teaching them abt collection dev along the way. They love collab using new materials! #tlchat
@gwynethjones: I’ve also given each of them $100 of my book money & challenged them to buy with it using my Google Form – #TLChat
@mluhtala: Include faculty & stus in video tutorials. More people watch them! #tlchat
@jenniferlagarde My most successful “advertising” has been flyers in the faculty bathroom. #tlchat

See also Nikki Robertson’s Storify version of the event.

You are absolutely going to want to participate live next time!  Our next (second Monday) chat is scheduled for Monday, October 8th @8PM Eastern. The topic will be based on our next #tlchat twtpoll, coming soon.

And on archiving chats:

I just discovered other Twitter archive tools via Joeyanne Libraryanne’s Librarianship in the Modern Age great post: Five free methods of archiving tweets from events – which are best?

  1. TAGS (Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet)
  2. Twubs
  3. Eventifier
  4. Tweet Archivist
  5. TweetDoc
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Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. Participating in a live chat was a first for me. I really enjoyed it, but have to admit that I was overwhelmed by the constant stream of tweets, and had trouble deciding whether to follow links, try to respond, read, or … I’d love some education on the best way to handle one of these live discussions without being overwhelmed. Congrats to #TLCHAT on a great event!

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