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Tweeting response to the NEA Opportunity Dashboard

Greetings from Hershey and #PSLA15 where AASL President Terri Grief shared a plan for responding to the omission of school libraries from the NEA Opportunity Dashboard literature.
Terri urges NEA members to contact local and state officials.  She is composing an official letter to NEA and will meet with NEA leadership next week in Washington, DC.
We need to be heard loud and clear that we are vital to student achievement. We need to be included in the verbiage. When I meet with them on Tuesday, I would love to be able to say that thousands of us have expressed concern. If you have teachers in your building that you can count on and who count on you, please ask them to call, email or tweet this out. Please also put this on your state lists. We need to reach as many people as possible. Let’s get mobilized!
She shares an assortment of possible tweets to help us get the word out:
  •  Multiple research studies show a clear link between school libraries & increased student achievement. @lily_NEA @NEAToday
  • @NBPTS recognizes school librarians as teachers who can be measured to meet standards for prof teaching excellence. @lily_NEA @NEAToday
  • School librarians collaborate with classroom teachers as instructional partners. @lily_NEA @NEAToday
  • School librarians are teachers & crucial partners in ensuring #CCSS requirements are met. @lily_NEA @NEAToday
  • Classifying school librarians as support staff will cause a deterioration of library services for our nation’s children. @lily_NEA @NEAToday
  • School librarians are teachers & transform learning! Please include in the Opportunity Dashboard! @lily_NEA @NEAToday

These additional tweeting options were recently suggested by Judi Moreillon on AASL Forum:

  • #schoollibrarians are teachers who help transform learning! Pls include in Opportunity Dashboard! @lily_NEA @NEAToday
  • #schoollibrarians = instructional partners w/classroom teachers/specialists for #CCSS success @lily_NEA @NEAToday
 Please share widely!
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