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Creatubbles for global galleries (time to retire the refrigerator?)

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Creatubbles is a global platform for sharing and interacting with children’s visual art.  I believe this is a tool many of us having been looking for a long time.

Designed for elementary through middle school-age kiddos, the platform allows young artists to safely showcase, archive and share their creative work.

It also allows them to discover, to be inspired by, and to interact with the work of others.

Teachers easily set up individual creator pages and galleries, keep work for assessment and connect and collaborate on, and interact with galleries with colleagues around the world.  (Check out these step-by-step instructions for teachers.)

This is a truly wonderful way for young artists to treat their work seriously through artistic statements and through peer and teacher critique.

Teachers are encourages to invite parents in to co-manage their children’s creator accounts.

Dream House by SerraIlımTun Bubble

Parents, it may be time to retire this particular affordance of your refrigerator and its magnets.  You can so much more easily and cleanly display and preserve keep those special artistic memories. (As the mother of an artist, I so wish this were around way back when!)

Galleries are easily shared with links or embed code.

Collaboration and conversation are encouraged.  Artists may be followed and users share comments in the form of Bubbles on favorite pieces of work.  Activities are monitored by adult managers.