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Smore’s New Educator Hive

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 7.31.17 AMMany of us rely on Smore for student projects, for our flyers, announcements to parents, instruction and more.  Many of us love it for its super-low, truly accessible learning curve.

This week, the folks at Smore introduced The Educator Hive.  The Hive currently features more than 450 flyer and newsletter templates shared by other educators who have granted their permission to have their work liked, adapted/remixed.  There’s lots of inspiration here.  Use it to gather oodles of project ideas to share with your classroom teacher partners!

Flyers may be filtered by type: presentations, newsletters, assignments, announcements, events, resources or sorted for newness or popularity.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 7.32.35 AMThe Educator Hive allows member educators to upload and share finished versions of their own flyers and view, like and remix templates of other flyers created by fellow educators.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.49.56 AMThe Smore team hope the Educator Hive will encourage collaboration and creation and become an open and considerate space for everyone.  Hive Guidelines describe community norms regarding appropriate content,  privacy, participation, moderation and content ownership.   Note: While your flyers are owned by you, flyers submitted to the Smore community will be owned by Smore.

I reached out to the Smore team about the one little issue I have with their really useful tool–not being able to easily collaborate on a group project.

Rachel replied with this advice:

At this time, the only way to collaborate on work is if you share login information. However, if one person is working on a flyer at the same time as another, there will be conflicting changes. We recommend working on your flyer one after the other and not at the same time.

Also note:  It may not be obvious when you login, but many of other your favorite creation tools have sharing communities.  Thinglink is one example of tool that offers featured projects and an interactive blog supporting its community.


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