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Shannon’s holiday gifts and Lisa’s very useful printables

Two inspiring/handy ideas came across my network yesterday.  

My dear friend, Shannon Miller shared the mashed-up Smore newsletter she is preparing for her students as a holiday gift.

When it’s complete, My Teacher Librarian Gave to Me will offer Van Meter families 20 days of awesome library and technology tools and resources.

Shannon embeds several Tellagami introductions in the poster to make it feel like a truly personal present.  (I love this app.  Just wish their avatar options were a little more curly.  I’ve written them, but no response.)

Lisa Newton, the Deep Librarian, shared the downloadable form she uses to keep track of her databases.  This handy printable keeps helps you keep track of admin and student access, urls, rep contact information, and pricing of your multiple databases.  
Database Info Sheet Printable
Lisa writes in her post:
Even if you don’t have trouble keeping all this information organized in your head or in the cloud, I suggest you keep a hard copy documented somewhere.  It may come in handy in the event that you need a long-term substitute or if you leave your job.  You will save your sub or successor several hours of work if you provide them with all this information on one piece of paper. 
Lisa’s Printables tag gathers other useful forms like a login tracker and a Master Supply List.


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