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Fall decorating: a round-up of smart (and free) posters

Every year, as we move back into our libraries and classrooms, we search for meaningful, inspiring, attractive visuals to fill our display cases, to grace our bulletin boards, to embed on our websites. Many of you have already experienced this, but if not, I must warn you of the dangers of searching Pinterest boards for […]

Randie’s Pinterest Reading List/Board

Back in May I shared Elissa Malespina’s media-rich, interactive Choices Summer Reading list.  She created it for her South Orange (NJ) Middle School readers using Apple’s iBooks Authors. She hosts the list on the Bookry platform and it feels very much like those cool magazine apps we flip through on our tablets. Randie Groden just shared an alternate […]

Goodbye strategies

For the past several years, our seniors have looked forward to filling the library display case with some sort of artistic expression relating to their plans for next year. This year, we added another element to this tradition. We asked them for a memory card. It hasn’t caught on quite as well as the college […]

Adopting a display

Adopt-a-shelf programs at public and school libraries ask volunteers to be responsible for shelf-reading and straightening a designated section of the library, usually a section to which the volunteer feels a personal attachment. I am blessed this semester with seven student interns and I am conscious of making sure that the time they spend with […]

Pinterest for bulletin board anxiety

For me, the beginning of school is made even crazier by bulletin board anxiety. It has nothing to do with my artistic talents. Granted they are limited.  It has everything to do with idea deficiency. And then it also has something to do with the need to get something pretty up there even though you […]