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#bookclubshare: Steve’s book club and one-book-one-school solution

The problem: When I left Springfield, I had at least 15 copies each of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Soloist and Unbroken lying around.  A few copies of each were on the shelves. Many more were crowded on the bottom shelves in our workroom, several copies deep. In planning our community-building, reading events […]

iSL (Internet Second Language) Collective

The Internet Second Language Collective or is a fine example of an online community of practice that will be an immediate and indispensable hit with your ESL/ELL and perhaps many other of your classroom teacher partners and coaches.  The English section of the site is now well over one million ESL/EFL language teachers strong.  The site […]

The quintessential scarf tutorial

Don’t be angry for this little digression into the world of fashion information. If you know me, you know I love scarves.  I love mentoring.  I find myself spending a lot of time mentoring others who have trouble with scarves, having to introduce them to the very many ways they can be used for fashion […]

Live in your world. Create in ours. The back story of our ISTE Board visit

On Friday, our High School was honored to be one of three schools to host visiting members of the ISTE Board who were in town for a meeting.  (The other schools on the tour were Science Leadership Academy and School of the Future.) We began by posing this problem to a core group of students, […]

On LibGuides (and the dangers of relying on free lunch)

It’s a new semester here in Springfield and I’ve been reflecting again.  (This post is kinda connected to the next, so please read on. It will be up soon.) I am a huge fan of free apps for creativity and productivity and dynamic information gathering. No surprise that in this blog I frequently celebrate the […]

My year on the web and off

Around this time of year, it is customary for bloggers to look back at their blogs and come up with a list of highlights. Here’s a recap of low points and highlights and favorite discoveries. In January, I lamented the disappearance of the majority of the databases in our state suite and celebrated the launch […]

SIGMS Launches 1 Tool at a Time (and a Loerscher SL webinar)!

Hooray!  SIGMS (our own lovely ISTE special interest group) just announced powerful opportunities for learning and retooling.  This month you can meet with one of my mentors (and likely one of yours too), David Loertscher.  And you can join in on the exciting, new 1 Tool at a Time series!  This first event will cover […]

On returning from Oz

I’ve just returned from nearly three weeks in Australia. It’s been a long time since I was away from home for so long. During the first leg of my trip, I spoke at the Winter(!) conference of the librarians of SLAV (School Library Association of Victoria).  I’ve never met a more intrepid, creative, energetic and […]

CSLA introduces TeenLearning2.0

Once again, the fabulous and irrepressible leaders of the California School Library Association offer us all a little gift to use with learners this coming school year.  Teen Learning 2.0 is an updated social web tutorial, tested with middle school students. TeenLearning 2.0 explains its purpose: This tutorial is designed so that you can learn […]

On digital publishing (chapter 2)

In a recent post I shared a few new options for student book creation. Another strategy for publishing is a very simple one, one that allows us to take documents originally published quietly in traditional formats–Word, PowerPoint, PDF, XLS–into more dynamic, more polished, flippable, zoomable, scalable, and embeddable Web publications.  Most reproduce the feeling of […]