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Someday My Printz Will Come
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Allow Myself to Introduce…Myself

So, it’s taken me quite a while to get organized to drop by and say hello in a post, rather than comments, and now I’m feeling a little pressure to do a really amazing job with my introductory post, which is resulting in my throwing two pop culture jokes your way (more on that later).

Hi! I’m Sophie Brookover. Like Sarah & Karyn, I’m a Printz Committee alumna (2012 represent!) and have been a public YA librarian. Also like Karyn, I’ve been a high school librarian. I now work for LibraryLinkNJ–The New Jersey Library Cooperative, where I’m a Program Coordinator and my bailiwick is continuing education (or as I like to describe it, developing programs to help already-awesome librarians become even more awesome). (And, as noted in my fancy, official bio, my opinions are strictly my own.)

Obviously, I am so, so thrilled to be a part of Someday My Printz Will Come! Reading good books carefully & discussing them thoughtfully with lovely, lively people is one of my favorite activities of all time, and the experience of serving on the Printz Committee was a radical, year-long course in honing those skills. I look forward to learning how to do an even better job, with an even larger pool of fellow readers & discussers, this year!

As for what I’ll bring to the table in terms of what I look for in a book, and genres I particularly like, I’ll read almost anything as long as it’s good — horror, romance, fantasy high & low, humor, science fiction, and yes, realistic fiction. I’m not a huge fan of mystery or historical fiction, but I’m not going to let a little thing like personal preference get in the way of this process. Something amazing doesn’t have to be something I like or enjoy, and as Karyn pointed out so ably in her analysis of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, sometimes a book I love to bits is a book too flawed to make it past being a Contender to being a Shortlister.

When I’m reading, I like to look at all of the elements set forward in the RealPrintz guidelines, though I’ll confess to having a preference for Voice/Style, Story, Characters & Theme(s).

Oh, my goodness, this is turning out to be the boring-est introductory blog post of all time. You are falling asleep as you’re reading this, aren’t you? But you’re way too polite to say so, I know. I appreciate that, I really do. I’ll sign off here & promise to be way, way less soporific the next time you see me in a regular post or in comments.

Wait, one last thing. I’ll be at PLA in Philadelphia this week — Thursday & Friday. If you see me, say hello!



  1. Roxanne Feldman Sophie Brookover says:

    Hey, I forgot to spell out the pop culture references. Sorry about that!

    First: the Queen/David Bowie video that’s been cleverly edited to make it look like they were performing “Under Pressure” live together, something my serious Queen fan husband is pretty sure they never did. The Bowie footage is from the Freddie Mercury tribute concert (has a man ever worn a pistachio-green suit so well? I think not. Call me, David!) and the Queen footage is from their amazeballs 1986 comeback tour. I included it because I love the song so much and because introducing myself here, well, I felt under pressure. Obvs.

    The other reference was the title of this post, which is from Austin Powers at his most charmingly awkward:

  2. Yay, Sophie! Not boring at all, and your recent Printz work will be such a well for everyone to tap!

  3. Joy Millam says:

    Nice job Sophie! You are our (Printz 2012) superstar! (be sure to do the Mary Catherine Gallagher pose while reading the superstar phrase. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see what you have to say– you are so insightful and well-spoken.

  4. I wasn’t bored at all, Sophie – welcome! And if I can be really fawning and kiss-up-y, may I say that the 2012 Printz is, in my opinion, the strongest lineup ever? So I’m very excited to read what you have to say. 🙂

  5. Roxanne Feldman Sophie Brookover says:

    Elizabeth & tess, thanks so much. I started to think I was just droning on & on about meeeee, and really, you’re here for the books. I think who I am & what I’m about will come through in the way I discuss them, right? Right.

    tess, fear not about fawning. I flatter myself that the 2012 lineup is very fine, as well! 🙂

    Sarah, Karyn & I have some great posts brewing, but of course it is KILLING ME to refrain from discussing books in gory detail. We’ll figure out our rhythm as we go along. Thanks for being part of it, and for being so welcoming!

  6. Roxanne Feldman Sophie Brookover says:

    Aw, now Joy is making me blush! (And I am exposing myself as a comment addict!) Team Printz 2012 was a very solid one, as you well know. I hope you’ll all read & comment & discuss this year, too! Much <3!

  7. I have to correct the grammar in the heading. “Allow Me to Introduce …” is correct.

  8. Sophie Brookover says:

    Yes, of course, you are quite right about the grammatical error! In this case, I was going for humor over accuracy. The post title is a reference to a funny line in the first Austin Powers movie. You can watch the scene in question here:

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