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A Little Bit of House Keeping

Remember how we mentioned we were going to talk about books in roughly chronological order, but then we not-helpfully-at-all listed them alphabetically by — of all librarian crimes — title?

Well, it’s occurred to us that those of you reading along might appreciate more of an indexed approach.

I couldn’t resist this all-too-fitting calendar page! Calendar is original art by Flickr user julesxt, image is cc-licensed.

So here it is, listed alphabetically by author by quarter. The idea is that during September we’ll discuss Jan, Feb, and March pubs; in October we’ll do April, May, and June pubs; in November we’ll do July, August, and September pubs, and in December and/or early January we’ll cover October, November, and December pubs. Somewhere in there we’ll also be running the Pyrite Printz, hence the runover into January (plus the holiday season tends to slow things down a bit).

Within a single month* the order will be a bit topsy turvy, so for instance we’ve already covered a few February books but we haven’t posted a writeup of some January books yet. Also, we still reserve the right to add and drop books, and in all honesty there may be a few titles that get pushed to a later date because actually none of us have read them yet.

*A “month” might actually run a week or so into the next calendar month since we started September book coverage a bit into the month, and it’s got the biggest contenda pile. Whatever, you totally get the point.

Finally, if we’ve got any of the pub data wrong, we’re happy to be corrected; my primary data sources are Follett Titlewave, Amazon, Books in Print, and the ARCs themselves, but in most cases I’m going off the spreadsheet we’ve been maintaining, which means we’re a few removes from the original data.

(But please post any corrections or additional titles over at the original contenda list — into which I’ll insert a link pointing here, too. Just to keep all the titles together.)


Alrighty, then, enough explanation; here’s the index-esque list:

September (January-March 2012 publication dates; 24 titles)

Andrews, Jesse Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Anthony, Jessica and Rodrigo Corral Chopsticks
Crockett, S.D. After the Snow
Crowley, Cath Grafitti Moon
Danforth, Emily The Miseducation of Cameron Post
Ellison, Kate The Butterfly Clues
George, Madeleine The Difference Between You & Me
Green, John The Fault in Our Stars
Hopkinson, Deborah Titanic: Voices from the Disaster
LaCour, Nina The Disenchantments
Levinson, Cynthia We’ve Got a Job: The 1963 Birmingham Children’s March
Marchetta, Melina Froi of the Exiles
Michaelis, Antonia The Storyteller
Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux No Crystal Stair
Osborne, Linda Barrett Miles to Go for Freedom: Segregation and Civil Rights in the Jim Crow Years
Rapp, Adam  The Children and the Wolves
Rosoff, Meg There is No Dog
Saenz, Benjamin Alire Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Saldin, Erin The Girls of No Return
Sonnenblick, Jordan    Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip
Volponi, Paul The Final Four
Woodson, Jacqueline Beneath a Meth Moon
Woolston, Blythe Catch and Release

October (April-June publication dates; 20 titles)

Aronson, Marc    Master of Deceit
Bacigalupi, Paolo    The Drowned Cities
Cashore, Kristin    Bitterblue
Castellucci, Cecil    The Year of the Beasts
Chambers, Aidan    Dying to Know You
Coats, J. Anderson    The Wicked & The Just
Doyle, Roddy A Greyhound of a Girl
Freedman, Russell    Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship
Hand, Elizabeth    Radiant Days
Hautman, Pete    The Obsidian Blade
Hopkinson, Nalo    The Chaos
Kindl, Patrice   Keeping the Castle
LaFevers, Robin    Grave Mercy
Matson, Morgan    Second Chance Summer
McCormick, Patricia    Never Fall Down
Mieville, China    Railsea
Nix, Garth    A Confusion of Princes
Peterfreund, Diana   For Darkness Shows the Stars
Rosenfield, Kat    Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone
Wein, Elizabeth    Code Name Verity
Williams, Carol Lynch    Waiting
Zettel, Sarah    Dust Girl

November (July-September publications, 21 titles)

Anderson, Jodi Lynn Tiger Lily
Barraclough, Lindsay Long Lankin
Bray, Libba  The Diviners
Fama, Elizabeth Monstrous Beauty
Griffin, Adele All You Never Wanted
Griffin, Molly Beth Silhouette of a Sparrow
Hartman, Rachel Seraphina
Hoose, Philip Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95
Johnson, Angela A Certain October
Kokie, E.M. Personal Effects
Lanagan, Margo The Brides of Rollrock Island
Leavitt, Martine My Book of Life by Angel
Levithan, David Every Day
Murphy, Jim Invincible Microbe: Tuberculosis and the Never-Ending Search for a Cure
Pitcher, Annabel  My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
Rappaport, Doreen  Beyond Courage: The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust
Rossetti, Rinsai The Girl with the Borrowed Wings
Sandler, Martin W. The Impossible Rescue: The True Story of an Amazing Arctic Adventure
Sheinkin, Steve  Bomb: The Race to Build–And Steal–the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon
Shusterman, Neal Unwholly
Stiefvater, Maggie Raven Boys

December/January (October-December publications; this list may continue to grow as stars roll in and books are published)

Arcos, Carrie   Out of Reach
Flake, Sharon    Pinned
King, A.S.    Ask the Passengers
Lowry, Lois    Son
Pratchett, Terry   Dodger
Schrefer, Eliot   Endangered
Smith, Andrew  Passenger
Taylor, Laini    Days of Blood and Starlight

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