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End of the year at the library

Graduation was Thursday. 

Thursday also marked our second annual YearbookDay in the library. This little video shares a little of the energy of the event.  (Though you’ll immediately notice my camerawork has not improved.)

Last year the signing happened spontaneously.  This year it was consciously planned. 

It makes sense to celebrate the release of this very important book (and to distribute it) in a facility that celebrates books and student life.  It makes sense that this event be my students’ last K12 library experience. 

Warning: Don’t try this at home without having several boxes of pens handy.

The end of the year is always bittersweet for me.  This year more so than in years past.  It’s been a strange year at Springfield and I’ve learned a great deal.  I did not accomplish all that I wanted to accomplish.

My Annual Report is now up and it describes some of the challenges we faced.  If my courage holds, I will describe them a little further in a future post. 

It’s not like me to complain about the rain without planning to build a new ark.  That’s what summer is for, my friends! 

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