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A thing for librarians: the song

I am not sure I love the message completely, but I kinda overlook those stereotypes and get swept away by My Morning Jacket’s Librarian.

Sweetest little bookworm
Hidden undeneath
Is the sexiest librarian
Take off those glasses
Let down your hair for me
Simple little beauty
Heaven in your breath
Simplest of pleasures
The world at its best

Thanks to NPR’s Librarian blog for this lead.  Lyrics and ringtone are available!

Critical Update: From our comments (Jen Spisak) The Librarian Song by Joe Uveges, still a little sexy, a little more interactive, and very much more 2.0.

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  1. Jen Spisak says:

    My favorite is on youtube: The librarian song by Joe Uveges. My awesome co-librarian sent it to me! I can’t post the URL here, but it can be found on youtube. Enjoy!

  2. this is a great band!

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