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Digital Storytelling for Educators (Thanks, Silvia!)

Storytelling, no matter in what form and created in whatever media is a powerful tool to transmit knowledge, culture, perspectives and points of view. (10)

Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators
, a free ebook by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano (aka @langwitches),

was written especially for educators, who want to teach 21st century skills, such as collaborating, communicating, and connecting, through digital storytelling.

The 120-page ebook,  generously licensed under Creative Commons, is immensely practical and will quickly become your go-to guide for inservices and supporting teacher colleagues in creatively using new tools for connecting, communicating, and collaborating.

Silvia offers friendly, step-by-step instruction for tools like Audacity, Google Maps, PhotoStory, Mixbook, VoiceThread, Windows Movie Maker, and Wordle.

The book is filled with screenshots, charts, resources, links to exemplary projects, and strong rationale for telling new types of stories in our classrooms and libraries:

New technology tools allow us to connect, communicate and collaborate easily with others around the world. Stories are all about these three C’s and lend themselves naturally to create a bridge between teaching and integrating technology.

Digital Storytelling is a tool that can support teaching and learning in any subject area.

1. We connect on an emotional level with people and events in stories and
we connect them to experiences in our own lives.
2. Stories let us communicate our perspective and perception.
3. Stories are usually a collaborative effort of stories’ characters, their actions
and points of view. Stories that have been passed down through
generations allow voices from the past to be intermingled with voices
from the present. Remixing and re-makes of stories add new twists, allow
new perspectives, and shed new light storylines.  (7-8)

Don’t wait!  Download, and widely share, Silvia’s gift right now.

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Joyce Valenza About Joyce Valenza

Joyce is the teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School, a technology writer, and a blogger. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. BJ Neary says:

    I love Silvia and have taken images4education for the past two years and Silvia gives us a great session each year—I like her blog too, lots of great tips and how tos… you Joyce!

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