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Voki for Education: Not just for avatars

Voki, the free Web-based tool that allows you to create speaking avatars for blogs and other websites, recently launched its site for education.  But it’s not just for avatars. Voki has potential well beyond blog greetings. Imagine creating a page in which students embed a lengthy, sequenced (albeit imagined) conversation between Generals Lee and Grant […]

Wanna be a superhero?

Have you always wanted to be on a lunchbox? Our friends at Gale Cengage are looking for superhero librarians. Here are the details: Do you know a librarian who is faster than a speeding bookmobile … more powerful than a mid-term deadline … and able to beat any obscure homework assignment? If so, Gale invites […]

AASL Vision Tour: A look back at our morning with Nancy Everhart!

I am delayed a bit in reporting back on our visit from AASL President Dr. Nancy Everhart on the Pennsylvania leg of her Vision Tour. Springfield Vision Tour from Joyce Valenza on Vimeo. It was a very special honor.  I was personally touched by the kind comments from those who spoke and sang and danced […]

ICDL goes mobile

I just discovered that one of my very favorite booky destinations is now available as an app. The International Children’s Digital Library, a beautiful, multilingual portal, offering a large collection of free children’s books from around the world, can now be viewed on your iPad and on your iPhone, as well. The largest collection of […]

Wylio: for image searching, embedding, attributing

photo © 2007 telmo32 | more info (via: WylioWes Fryer turned me on to Wylio earlier this week, suggesting I add it to my Copyright Friendly Pathfinders.  (Here’s our thumbnail version of that pathfinder.). Wylio is a little different from the other CC image portals and I kinda fell instantly in love.  It’s also perfect […]

AASL: Is it time for a one-word edit?

I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years. I talk about it at conferences.  And I use it myself.  but I’ve never formally written about it. Here goes: I’d like to launch a little campaign, or merely make a little suggestion, for a very little edit that means a big deal to me. […]

Thanks for the videos, Mike!

Mike Eisenberg, Dean Emeritus and Professor at the University of Washington iSchool and co-founder of Big6, shares a growing series of video conversations that should provoke both understanding and discussion of topics and issues near and dear to the hearts of teacher librarians, topics and issues that should matter to everyone involved in learning. In […]

A great guide for newbie social educators

Michael Zimmer (@MZimmer557), a Technology Integration Specialist in Western Kentucky, shares Tools for the 21st Century Teacher, a wonderful little e-guidebook offering a basic introduction to most things social media and discussion about how they may be effectively integrated into instruction.  Among the many tools covered are Twitter, Diigo, Prezi, Evernote, Wallwisher, Skype. I am […]

How to grow a “textbook”

Here’s a cross post of piece I am writing for Tech & Learning: Last week a young colleague wrote to me with a dilemma.  Her high school was cutting funds for textbooks.  Teachers were panicked.  She wanted to help.  She phoned and we brainstormed some strategies.  It occurred to me that others might want to […]

Follett prizes innovative practice (seriously!)

You know who you are! I meet you at state and national conferences.  Your students are achieving.  You are effectively engaging learners and you teach and integrate information fluencies. You tweet and blog and present about your discoveries and successes.  Your work is replicable. And you deserve to share virally and to be rewarded for […]