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The King Center Archive Goes Live! (on Monday)

'Luther King cor 03' photo (c) 2010, Luiz Fernando Reis - license: King Center in Atlanta recently announced that this year’s commemoration of Dr. King’s birthday will also mark the launch of a new site, the King Center Archive. The project goes live on Monday and will make available thousands of never-before-seen images connected to Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement.

According to the King Center Facebook page:

You can draw inspiration from Dr. King’s speeches, sermons, and letters by visiting our new website on January 16th. Thousands of documents from the King Papers will be available to explore online – giving unprecedented ability to connect with the words and methods of Dr. King as you consider what he might say in the present.

The press release describes the team and its substantial efforts:

Over the past 9 months, JPMorgan Chase built a team of over 200 individuals to execute the Project.  The team consisted of imaging and archival experts, U.S. military veterans from The Veterans Curation Program, students from Morehouse and Spelman Colleges (the alma maters of the King Family), Kennesaw State University and Emory University, Civil Rights Scholars, as well volunteers from JPMorgan Chase. Project members focused on digitizing close to 200,000 documents associated with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King’s most famous speeches and correspondence, such as his I Have a Dream speech, Letter from Birmingham Jail, and his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, can now be viewed around the world at any given moment.

This archive is a fabulous gift to students and teachers.

(Thanks, for the lead!)

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