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Library 2.012 starts today!
Library 2.012 begins today!  The free, global event addresses the current and future unique state of libraries.

The full (seriously full!) hour-by-hour schedule is posted here, with instructions on connecting and participating, no matter where you are on the globe.

This year, the six major conference strands are: Libraries – Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces, Librarians & Information Professionals – Evolving Professional Roles in Today’s World, Content & Creation – Organizing and Creating Information, Changing Delivery Methods, User Centered Access, Mobile and Geo-Social Information Environments.

Essential links for attendees:

If you are an east coaster like me, here’s the overwhelming (seriously overwhelming) schedule of events.  (Sorry, the direct links to session descriptions didn’t make the trip to this post.)

Wednesday, October 3
  • 9:30am Conference Welcome
  • 10:00am OPENING KEYNOTE – Sandra Hirsh, How to be a Catalyst for Change: Redefining the Library 2.0 Information Professional
  • 11:00am ALA Presents: Collaboration, Innovation, Education: A Model for Successful Financial Literacy Programming at the Library – Aubrey B. Carroll, Information Service Manager
  • 11:00am Cultivation Over Coffee Runs: Innovating to Add Value to Internships – John Shawler, Customer Solutions Intern Supervisor
  • 11:00am Fostering Cultural Studies through Indian Digital Libraries – Dr.Revathi Viswanathan
  • 11:00am QR Codes and Libraries – Tony Garrett, Ed. D. — Head of Reference and Access Services
  • 11:00am Social Media Trifecta – Africa Hands, Project Librarian
  • 11:00am Using 21st Century tools in a Middle School library environment – Pamela McDermott Library Director
  • 12:00pm 2012 Diversity Standards for Academic Libraries – Martha A. Parker, Librarian-In-Residence
  • 12:00pm Connecting 21st Century Learners to Follett eBook Content through Destiny and FollettShelf – Melissa Fuentes, Product Marketing Manager
  • 12:00pm Cutting, Polishing, and Displaying: Preparing Jewels from Your Thesis for Presentations and Publications – Diana K. Wakimoto, Online Literacy Librarian/Archivist
  • 12:00pm DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER: Setting Priorities in Libraries: Focusing on the Transformation – Stephen Abram, VP
  • 12:00pm Play in the Library: An Incubator for Learning – Jenny Robins, Associate Professor
  • 12:00pm Successful Volunteer Recruitment Strategies for Libraries: Capturing the Talent of Baby Boomers and the Generations that Follow – Carla Lehn, Library Programs Consultant
  • 12:00pm The Influence of E-Trends on Library Management – Kathy Rosa, Director Office for Research & Statistics
  • 1:00pm Big Risks, Big Rewards – Nancy Faget, Information Resource Center Chief
  • 1:00pm Penguin Palooza Digital Storytelling Festival – Mary Carole Strother
  • 1:00pm QR Codes and Beyond : An Educational Experience – Mrs Sarah Pavey MSc FCLIP
  • 1:00pm Research on the Go! Preparing Libraries to be Mobile Friendly – Shelly Sanchez Terrell, Teacher Trainer
  • 1:00pm The Space *Is* the Service: Assessing the Physical Library in 2.012 – Carla Haug, Digital Literacy Librarian
  • 1:00pm Toward a Sustainable Embedded Librarian Program – Robin Ashford, Reference & Distance Services Librarian
  • 2:00pm A “Novel” Approach to Recreational Reading: Creating a Virtual Collection on a Shoestring – Sarah Dahlen, Reference and Instruction Librarian
  • 2:00pm Building a Medical Library Knowledge Base Using LibAnswers – Eve Melton, Manager of Library Services, KP Central Valley Area
  • 2:00pm Free Online Conferencing Tools for Outreach & Instruction – Melissa Fortson Green, Research & Instructional Services Librarian
  • 2:00pm Library Services for Distance Learners at U.S. Urban Universities – J.B. Hill, Director of Public Services
  • 2:00pm Technical Services in the age of the Digital Repository: How catalogers can become meaningfully engaged in the creation of digital content – Sarah A. Norris, Technical Services Librarian
  • 2:00pm Teen & Tween Poetry Programming: Using Partnerships for Success – Amy Bradley, Innovation Leadership Program Resident
  • 3:00pm Close encounters of the third kind: Going back to basics of librarianship in the digital age – Dr. Judit. H Ward, Director of Information Services
  • 3:00pm Critical Perspectives on Social Media: A New Educational Role for Librarians? – Robert Farrell, Coordinator of Information Literacy and Assessment
  • 3:00pm DDA at UNT: How’s that workin’ for ya’? – Karen R. Harker, MLS, MPH Collection Assessment Librarian
  • 3:00pm Social Media for Scholars – Lorin Flores, Information Literacy Coordinator
  • 3:00pm We have that?: Dissemination of Information Through Social Media in Disadvantaged Countries – JJ Pionke
  • 3:00pm You are not a robot: Edmonton Public Library’s approach to digital literacy, digital interview, and flexible co-learning for library staff and customers – Holly Arnason, Digital Literacy Librarian
  • 4:00pm KEYNOTE – Susan Hildreth, A Vision of 21st Century Libraries
  • 5:00pm Departmental Library Hours: Serving Commuter Students Across Campus as “Distance Learners” – A description and survey – Rebecca Hedreen, Library Coordinator for Distance Learning and Sciences Reference Librarian
  • 5:00pm Finding The True Teen Behind The Mask – Beth Wrenn-Estes, Instructor
  • 5:00pm Institutional Repository Management Models that Support Faculty Research Dissemination – Michelle Armstrong, Scholarly Communications Librarian
  • 5:00pm PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Wikipedia: Friend or Foe? – Anne Bingham, Library Director
  • 5:00pm Research Remix – Shannon Parker, Library and Technology Intern
  • 5:00pm Training Classroom Faculty to teach Information Literacy – Robin Brown, Information Literacy Librarian and Library instruction coordinator
  • 6:00pm KEYNOTE – Joe Murphy, Technology Trends
  • 7:00pm Campaigning for a Library Job: Maximizing Professional Development Opportunities to Differentiate Yourself From Other Applicants – Suzanna Conrad, Digital Initiatives Librarian
  • 7:00pm Citing Sources in a 2.0 World – Scott Lanning, Access Services Librarian
  • 7:00pm Embedding library services and information literacy: Successful online library liaison for TAFE (Technical and Further Education) students in Australia. – Maha Abed, Liaison Librarian
  • 7:00pm Enhancing the Library’s Learning Environment for the 21st Century Student – Bridgette Sanders
  • 7:00pm Information Literacy in a Digital Culture: the Hierarchy has Toppled – Dr. Valerie Hill
  • 7:00pm Role of empathy in social interaction for information professionals – Faye Miller
  • 8:00pm Digital Curation @ Your Library – Nikki D Robertson/School Librarian
  • 8:00pm DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER: Our Common Purpose: Libraries and LIS Education in Flux – Michael Stephens ~ Assistant Professor
  • 8:00pm Online Embedded Academic Librarians: accessing the student’s library needs in the online classroom – Kimberly M. Gay. Academic Reference and Instruction Librarian
  • 8:00pm SPOTLIGHT: Restoring Contemplation: Why We Should and How Libraries Can Help – Jessie L. Mannisto
  • 8:00pm Strategic Leadership in the Ner Information Landscape – Rajesh Singh, Assistant Professor
  • 8:00pm Web 2.0 in the Library for Embedded Librarianship – Jennifer Shafer Wyatt, Displaced School Librarian
  • 9:00pm “K-20 Librarians” – Don Means, Founder/Principal
  • 9:00pm Circle of Learning: Virtual Indigenous Community Development for MLIS Students – Jane Fisher, co-Director, COL
  • 9:00pm DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER: “23 Things” as Transformative Learning: Promoting Confidence, Curiosity and Communication via Library Staff Professional Development – Michael Stephens ~ Assistant Professor
  • 9:00pm Fry the Pi: How the $35 Raspberry Pi Changed Our Thinking About Ed Tech and Helped Us Envision a Makerspace – Kristin Fontichiaro, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • 9:00pm Pin Your Library – Sarah Howard (Liaison Librarian)
  • 9:00pm Student Scholarly Journal Publishing: Librarians’ Roles and Learning Outcomes – Susan Wainscott, Master of Library and Information Science Candidate
  • 10:00pm A Memória no Contexto Social e Organizacional – Simone Rosa – Master de Ciencias de la Información
  • 10:00pm Banned Websites Awareness Day 2012 – Michelle Luhtala, Library Department Chair
  • 10:00pm Guide on the Side : Easy Tutorial Creation for Busy Librarians – Susan Mikkelsen, Resource Access and Instruction Librarian
  • 10:00pm Library Express Stations: Part II – kYmberly Keeton, Graduate Student
  • 10:00pm On-Call in SF: How Bay Area Libraries Use On-Call Librarians – Emily Weak, Bay Area On-Call Librarian
  • 10:00pm Online Book Groups in School and Public Libraries – Kristina A. Holzweiss, The Laptop Lieberrian
  • 11:00pm KEYNOTE – Jianzhong Wu, Library as a Source of Creativity: the Shanghai Experience
Thursday, October 4
  • 12:00am 23 Things: The Next Generation – Christa Burns, Special Projects Librarian
  • 12:00am Happy T.R.A.I.L.S. to You – Shannon Bosley
  • 12:00am INFORMAÇÃO COMO INSTRUMENTO DE AÇÃO – Angela Nascimento, Mestre em Ciência da Informação
  • 12:00am New Research Findings in Young Adult Public Library Spaces – Joy Rodriguez, Graduate MLIS student
  • 3:00am KEYNOTE – Chan Ping Wah / Ngian Lek Choh / Kia Siang Hock , Connecting Users and Content Beyond Keywords
  • 4:00am Reading differences in the digital age – Marton Fekete (BA student)
  • 5:00am UDC mark editor sofware, the future of context of knowledge classification? – Nagy Sándor Student
  • 5:00am What’s left for libraries? The challenges of digital rights management – Mrs Joanna Hill
  • 6:00am Crisis Response and Disaster Resilience: “Futures Thinking” for Librarians and Information Workers – Chris Hagar, Assistant Professor
  • 6:00am Good Leaders: More Important Than Ever – But How Do We Get Them Ready??? – Mary Wilkins Jordan, Assistant Professor
  • 6:00am Scanned publications in digital libraries: new Open Source DjVu tools – Janusz S. Bień, professor
  • 6:00am The Website-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named: Using Wikipedia to Teach Information Literacy – Ilka Datig, Instruction & Electronic Services Librarian
  • 6:00am World Digital Library – Michelle Rago, Product Manager, World Digital Library
  • 7:00am Cell Phones in the Library Encourage Literacy – Willyn Webb, Administrator
  • 7:00am How Hungarian readers change their home library – Jávorka, Brigitta – student
  • 7:00am Reward-Based Gamification in Libraries: Short-Term Benefits, Long-Term Concerns – Scott Nicholson, Associate Professor
  • 7:00am Social Media Narrowcasting – Daisy Johnson, Academic Resource Centre Assistant
  • 7:00am The New Distance Learners: Providing Online Research Assistance for Urban Students – Melissa Mallon, Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Library Instruction
  • 7:00am This Call May Be Monitored: Quality Assurance Monitoring to Improve Student Learning – Faith Steele, Reference & Instruction Librarian
  • 8:00am Hungarian university students experiences of e-book – Alexandra Szalacsi, Ms
  • 8:00am iCommons: Transforming the library to support 21st century learning and teaching – Tim Staal, Head Librarian
  • 8:00am SeaTrek: Bringing the Ocean to your Library – Kasey Gaylord-Opalewski, Digital Learning Coordinator
  • 8:00am Tendencias de la actuación de los bibliotecarios en los procesos de gestión y en las actividades no tradicionales – Leonardo Fernandes Souto – PhD in Information Science
  • 8:00am Web resources: Getting the most for your money – Leah Kraus, Director of Web Services
  • 9:00am KEYNOTE – Kathryn Greenhill / Mal Booth, Creativity and libraries: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  • 10:00am Best Practices for Racially Diverse Public Library Youth Collections and Services – Robin F. Kurz, Assistant Professor
  • 10:00am FRBR and serials: implementation, problems and successes – William TB Fee, Digital Collections & Authority Control Librarian / Graphical Materials Librarian / Disaster Response Librarian
  • 10:00am Introducing : Canada’s Twittering public libraries – Mary Cavanagh, Assistant Professor
  • 10:00am KEYNOTE – David Weinberger, Library as Platform
  • 10:00am Mongolian Librarians still paying the lost books price, How we change. – Mr. Begzsuren Jamsranjav
  • 10:00am Online Vs Face to Face Information Literacy Instruction – Heather Dalal, Assistant Professor I-Librarian, Instruction and Emerging Technologies Librarian
  • 10:00am The Triumphs and Tribulations of a Web Scale Discovery Implementation – Colleen MacKinnon, Liaison Librarian
  • 11:00am Fixing the Cracks in Copyright: Balancing the Rights of Authors and Users – Ruth Boeder
  • 11:00am Formative Assessment for Instruction Librarians: How Are They Doing? How Are We? – Mary Snyder Broussard, Instructional Services Librarian
  • 11:00am Moving Beyond the Traditional One-Shot Library Instruction Session – Bonnie L. Fong, Physical Sciences Librarian
  • 11:00am Open Source Options for Digital Curation – Christinger Tomer
  • 11:00am Stepping Out of the Vacuum without Leaving Your Desk – Laura Warren, Coordinator
  • 11:00am “I Found It on the Web!” Promoting Special Collections at the University of Southern Mississippi – Jennifer Brannock, Curator of Rare Books and Mississippiana
  • 12:00pm “Sensible Shoes” on the Ground: Embedding in an Undergraduate Research Experience – Jeff Knapp, Reference & Instruction Librarian
  • 12:00pm A Futuristic Maze: A Learning Space, Not Strictly a Library – Reina Williams, Library Faculty
  • 12:00pm ALA Presents: What Can Libraries Learn from New User (and Non-User!) E-Reading Data from the Pew Internet Project? – Larra Clark, Program Director
  • 12:00pm DDA in the Real World: How does our DDA compare with our other book collections? – Karen R. Harker, MLS, MPH Collection Assessment Librarian
  • 12:00pm Digital Content in the Classroom – Matt Lociano, Product Marketing Manager
  • 12:00pm Don’t Fear the Data: Practical Tools for Assessment Analysis – Shiva Darbandi, Solutions Associate
  • 12:00pm Making Apps Work as Your Personal Concierge – Roxann Riskin, Library Technology Specialist
  • 12:00pm Take a Bite of Apple – Alys Jordan
  • 1:00pm Cheaper or faster: Who benefits when cities manage the public library’s information technology services? – Cheryl Stenstrom, Lecturer
  • 1:00pm Customer Engagement in a Digital World – Jennifer Hrusch, Library Manager
  • 1:00pm Effectively Curating a Pinterest Account for Academic Libraries – Emily Krug, Emerging Technologies and Cataloging Librarian
  • 1:00pm Librarians Online! Screen-sharing with Google+ Hangouts and – Danielle Kane, Research Librarian for Emerging Technologies & Service Innovation
  • 1:00pm Make It Happen – Take Action – Loida Garcia-Febo, Coordinator, New Americans Program
  • 1:00pm What e-books are doing to us: the coming bifurcation – Alexander Rolfe – Technical Services Librarian
  • 2:00pm #FFLY Web Design for Libraries w/o Walls – Michael Schofield, Web Services Librarian
  • 2:00pm Creating and Using Webinars to Reach Distance Learners – Luann Edwards, eLibrary Director
  • 2:00pm Getting By With Google? – Emily Gover, Information Literacy Librarian
  • 2:00pm Real-Time, Role-Play, and the Reference Interview: Redesigning the Information Sources and Services Course for MLS Students – Dr. Kim Becnel, Assistant Professor of Library Science
  • 2:00pm Taking Access to the User Online – Sara Beckman, MLIS Candidate
  • 2:00pm Universal Design for Library Instruction – Melissa Fortson Green, Research & Instructional Services Librarian
  • 3:00pm KEYNOTE – Laura Malita, Using Social Media for Enhancing Academic Social Libraries’ Services
  • 4:00pm Building in the Cloud – Christinger Tomer
  • 4:00pm Creating Critical Thinkers with Culturally Relevant Texts – Lynne Oakvik, Specialist, Library Media K-12, Literacy Departmen
  • 4:00pm Digital Books for Digital Kids – Mary Carole Strother Library Media Specialist
  • 4:00pm Librarians A-Twitter: how to use Twitter for networking and professional development – Elizabeth Psyck, Liaison Librarian
  • 4:00pm Life After Meebo: Evaluating Virtual Reference Services for Your Library in the Post-Meebo Virtual Environment – Laureen Cantwell, Instructiomnal Services Librarian
  • 4:00pm Open Access Article Quality: Error Rates in References as an Indicator – Joseph Kraus, Collections & E-Resources Analysis Librarian
  • 5:00pm ALA Presents Ebook Business Models for Public Libraries – Carrie Russell, Director of the Program on Public Access to Information
  • 5:00pm Finding the true teen behind the mask – Beth Wrenn-Estes, Instructor
  • 5:00pm Leadership and Career Success for the 21st Century Information Professional – Lisa Chow, Library Journal Mover & Shaker
  • 5:00pm Outreach Using Mobile Apps: What We Did and What We Learned – Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, Instruction Librarian
  • 5:00pm PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Let’s Get Physical: Creating Physical Access Points to Digital Media – Leah Griffin, Librarian
  • 5:00pm Understanding Collections in a Digital Age: Collection Analysis for Emerging Librarians and Professionals. – Casey Hoeve; Content Development Librarian: Arts, Architecture, and the Humanities
  • 6:00pm KEYNOTE – R. David Lankes, The New Librarianship Worldview
  • 7:00pm Analyzing Your Instructional Environment: Working Your Way Through Instructional Programming – Sarah Naumann, Reference & Instruction Librarian
  • 7:00pm Connecting Teens to Titles – Abbe Waldron
  • 7:00pm Doing Online Relearning through Information Skills (DORIS): Contributions for Information Literacy Programs – Juan D. Machin-Mastromatteo, M.Sc.
  • 7:00pm Know Thy Database: Testing Limiters in a ProQuest Database – María de Jesús Ayala-Schueneman, Associate Director
  • 7:00pm Of Mutual Benefit: The Sister Library Initiative and International Sustainable Library Development – Zola Maddison, Program Consultant
  • 7:00pm SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Transparency is the New Black – Gwyneth Jones – The Daring Librarian
  • 8:00pm Building Online Special Mini Collections for the Bryant & Stratton College Virtual Library – Joseph M. Dudley
  • 8:00pm Cell Phones for Instruction – Jennifer Shafer Wyatt, Displaced School Librarian
  • 8:00pm Effective “Gaming” for What you Have – Dustin Jolivette: Homework Help Center Coordinator
  • 8:00pm ReTooling Professional Learning with EdCamps and Beyond! – Nikki D Robertson/School Librarian
  • 8:00pm Searching the Web: Information Literacy Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Educators – Melda Yildiz, Global Scholar
  • 8:00pm Telling Your Advocacy Story with Digital Tools – Judi Moreillon, Assistant Professor
  • 9:00pm KEYNOTE – Moreno Barros, What Brazil Has to Offer?
  • 10:00pm Best practices in University Embedded Librarian work – Dr. Mary Prentice, MSLS, Faculty/Librarian
  • 10:00pm Delivering 24/7 Library Services from an 8/5 Library Facility – Michelle Luhtala, New Canaan High School Library Department Chair
  • 10:00pm Digital Copyright – Rebecca P. Butler, Presidential Teaching Professor
  • 10:00pm Digital storytelling as information literacy development – Paul Bond, Library Instruction Coordinator
  • 10:00pm Making Sense of Different Workplaces: Using O*NET to Inform Design of Information Literacy Instruction – Nora J. Bird, Assistant Professor
  • 10:00pm Who Owns the School Library? Our students! – Roxanne Clement, Teacher Librarian
  • 11:00pm KEYNOTE – Jesus Lau, Parallel Roads but Similar Goals: Media and Information Literacy – Room for Collaboration
Friday, October 5
  • 12:00am Am I My Brother’s Keeper:The Libraries Responsibility to the Imprisoned Youth – Glenn W.Scott (Graduate Student )
  • 12:00am Cultivating Culture: Promising Virtual Practices for Indigenous Communities – Jennifer Himmelreich, MLIS student
  • 12:00am Who Do I Trust?: Credibility in the Age of Information Overload – Susan Hoang, Reference and Instruction Librarian
  • 12:00am Who is the Distance Learning Librarian? Exploring Job Announcements to Understand Evolving Professional Roles – Kristen Radsliff Rebmann, Assistant Professor
  • 1:00am CLOSING PARTY

The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at San José State University is the founding conference sponsor.  Dr. Sandy Hirsh, the director of SLIS, is co-chair.

Steve Hargadon, the founder of Classroom 2.0 and the Global Education Conference, is the founding co-chair of the Library 2.012 conference.

Joyce Valenza About Joyce Valenza

Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza

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