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Battle of the Books

A Few Recent Peanuts and Tweets

These Peanut Gallery posts are where we highlight responses to the latest BoB activity. And so here are some recent ones related to this year’s contest that we came across. If we missed yours, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them in here.

  • Paula over at Pink Me will be following along and has weighed in on where she stands regarding this year’s contenders.
  • Noticing a clever article comparing UK and US covers for the Tournament of Books (our inspiration) and knowing her interest in this we suggested to Betsy Bird that she might want to take a similar look at our contenders and she obliged. Thanks, Betsy!
  • Liz B has been a loyal follower since the beginning, always doing posts on each battle and she’s got one up now about this year’s contenders.
  • Slightly Addicted to Fiction is following along (and dreaming of an Australian version).
  • Here are a few especially fun tweets we noticed:
  • And last, but absolutely NOT LEAST we’ve got the remarkable Everdeen Sisters (AKA Summer Ogata and Lauren Downey) back with the official (well, as official as we can make it) Battle of the Kids’ Books Trailer! (See this SLJ piece for more about it.)

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