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Battle of the Books

This Week’s Peanut Gallery

Blog Posts of the Week 
(As always, let us know in the comments about any we missed and we’ll either add them in here or in next week’s Peanut Gallery)

Tweets of the Week

  • @KidlitKat: March is a gloomy month, but SLJ’s Battle of the Kids Books gives me something to look forward to.
  • @KidlitKat: The best part is when you forget for a few days, and multiple posts accumulate. It’s like losing a button and finding a cardigan.
  • @brainlair: Barreling through the #sljbob12 I can do this! ::turnsoffinternetforweekend::
  • @elockhart: So cool. The Rooster doesn’t have these. RT @SLJsBoB: Introducing Official Kid Commentators.
  • @kevinguilfoil: Some disagree. RT @elockhart: So cool. The Rooster doesn’t have these.
  • @YABookLove Checking the outcome has become my #1 thing to do in the morning! Coffee just has to wait till I know the winner…
  • @CazzyLibrarian School Library Journal’s BOB: Kid Commentator used the word “volatility” in his post. Love it!
  •  @reads4keeps Cheese vs. magic sparks: everyone take a moment to admire today’s #sljbob12 match illustration. Perfectly hilarious.
  • @CatherineSFrank All it took was 3 rounds to get me addicted to SLJ’s Battle of the Books. So fun!
  • Elizabeth Fama ‏ @elizabethfama Am I way too invested in kids’ lit if my heart pounds while I read the judges’ daily @SLJsBoB essays?! Cuz it does.


  1. I posted my full brackets on Monday

    and also handicapped LIFE vs A MONSTER CALLS

    Enjoying this year’s battle immensely!

  2. Battle Commander says

    Ah, sorry, :paula, we did not see these in time! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Comments at The Card Catalog ( Maybe predictions depending on time and other dramas!

  4. I posted some thoughts too . . . Picked Daughter of Smoke and Bone to win it all and Okay For Now to win the Undead.

  5. Sorry . . . My site is

  6. Battle Commander says

    These are fantastic! Sorry that we didn’t get them into this post, but we will for sure (already have one in process) for this Friday’s. Thanks a million!

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