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Battle of the Books

The Undead Poll is Now Open!

Wondering how your favorite is going to fare in this year’s Battle? Here’s your chance to help. Vote in the Undead Poll for the contender you most want to see in the final Big Kahuna round.

The previously-eliminated contender that receives the most votes will be taken out of the grave to join the two other finalists for the final bout featuring our Big Kahuna judge, “Typical” Jennifer Holm.

So vote for your favorite and then, by all means, scheme, lobby, tweet, rally the troops, and do whatever you can to get the vote out for your favorite. (Don’t forget  what happened in 2010.)

The poll will be open until March 9th and we will announce the winner on March 31st.  So think carefully. Who do YOU want in the final round?



  1. I’m trying to decide between Midwinterblood and Eleanor & Park. Though now that I’ve read All the Truth That’s in Me, I may vote for it.

    Between E&P and MWB, I would vote for E&P. Because, after all, MWB *did* win the Printz. And I find that in my Sonderbooks Stand-outs, I ranked E&P above MWB.

    But maybe I should vote for All the Truth That’s in Me. After all, it didn’t get any Printz recognition at all. I wish I could vote for whichever book between E&P and AtTTiM doesn’t win the top bracket! Because I think I’d like the Final Round to be those three books. Though I seriously doubt it will actually end up that way, and I don’t *really* want it to be an all-YA final. But those were my personal favorite 3.

    Then again, I really liked Doll Bones…and Far Far Away…. Urgh! Decisions, decisions!

    On the good side, there’s a really good chance I’ll be happy about the winning book. There’s nothing I seriously disliked in the whole bunch.

    • Battle Commander Battle Commander says

      So glad that you have so much love for all of our contenders! The fact is that out of a couple of thousands of YA and MG books from 2013, these are what we consider the “top 16.” Each of them deserves long lasting recognition.

  2. This is a hard choice. It would be easy to vote for E&P as it really does hold my heart in its hands. Then again I’d like to see a non-YA title do well. I’m considering PSBE, TBSOSS or TTAL. I may just go for MARCH as I found it a brilliantly constructed piece of reading. I think as long as I don’t accidentally vote for Hokey Pokey I’ll be content.

  3. Sam Bloom says

    Man, hard choice. I ended up going with P.S. Be Eleven simply because I think it may get beat in either the first or second rounds. I wish I could give votes to Far Far Away, March, and – yes, DaNae – Hokey Pokey. Especially because I think Hokey Pokey is going to get smoked in the first round…

  4. I went with Joyce Sidman and What the Heart Knows as my Undead pick. I have not read anything that revived my interest in poetry as much as this book. I’d certainly be happy to see it win.


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