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Battle of the Books

Battle of the Kids’ Books, 2009-2017

Battle Commander (gravatar)

For those eagerly checking this site for this year’s contenders, we need to let you know that last year was the final Battle of the Kids’ Books. We enjoyed tremendously our nine years doing the Battle and hope you enjoyed it too. Thank you to everyone involved over the years — those at SLJ, our wonderful judges, the publishers, and our loyal followers. It has been grand!






  1. I will miss this! Thank you for all those exciting years of waking up and rushing to check the latest Battle update. <3

  2. Other Meredith says

    So sad. I always loved it (and it definitely got me to read a lot of books I wouldn’t have normally checked out). Thanks for expanding my horizons.

  3. Thanks so much for 9 years of battles. I’m so sad it’s over!! Such a wonderful way to read wide and hear from authors.

  4. NOOOOO!!! Say it isn’t so! I was really looking forward to doing this with my school again this year! This was a lot of fun to incorporate into my Junior High Library. Do you know of anyone else that does this type BOB, with educated individuals making the hard choices of the winning books? Where did you get your list of books for the Battle?
    I’m in denial…..this can’t be over!

  5. Terribly sad news!!!
    I wonder what is going on at SLJ, with this announcement, and the Printz blog and Adult Books 4 Teens making similar announcements. It’s very disheartening.
    Thank you for all your work and posts over the years. It’s been marvelous and I’ve looked forward it every year.

  6. Blah. Now, how will I know what to read????

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