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Battle of the Books

Vote for Your Favorite to Come Back from the Dead!

Worried about how your favorite is going to fare in this year’s Battle? Here’s your chance to help. Vote in the Undead Poll for the contender you most want to see in the final round.

The previously-eliminated contender that receives the most votes will be dug out of the grave to join the two other finalists in the final bout.

So vote for your favorite and then, by all means, scheme, lobby, tweet, rally the troops, and do whatever you can to get the vote out for your favorite. (Don’t forget what happened in 2010.)

The poll will be open until March 8th. So think carefully. Who do YOU want in the final round?



  1. Dear Battle Commander,

    I respectfully submit that I really, really need two Undead votes this year, because expecting me to choose between THE STORY OF OWEN and EL DEAFO is just plain mean.

    Very truly yours,
    Split between the Bracket Halves

  2. Joan Raphael says

    I’m with Margaret! And it is between those two titles as well!

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