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I love these markers! (But it’s not about the markers)

I discovered Crayola’s Crystal Effects Window Markers purely by accident at Five Below.  No one wanted them as a prize at our Poetry Slam and I am so glad.

Last week, my student assistant Amber yawned at the suggestion of book reviews, logo making, working on our website, and other activities that I myself consider the epitome of fun.

When I picked up the box of markers, she grabbed them out of my hand in a flash, ran to the double glass doors and surprised me with a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day mural that we (sadly) didn’t think to archive.  That holiday came and went too fast.  Happily, these truly magical markers clean up without a trace.

This week, I told Amber to think spring, early spring.  Before she grabbed the box and ran, she searched for reference images.  Then she ran out, dragging chairs with her and started to create.  In Tom Sawyer style, other artists joined her.  James and Leena claimed their own panes.

What resulted was a spring mural that made everyone walking in or walking by smile, and administrators walk in to comment.

The photos below do not do justice to how the crystals shine, when the quiet colors are filled in in heavy lines.

Got glass doors?  You need markers!  I am ordering the regular colors too.  (They are under $5 on Amazon.)

But it’s not really about the markers.  It’s about participation.



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  1. Awesome idea! Our library windows could use some student art! Thanks for the post.

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