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Working together is working smarter [Infographic]

Based on a report recently released by the National Center for Literacy Education (NCLE), Working Together is Working Smarter, visually demonstrates the role of school librarians as highly involved leaders playing a critical role in their schools through consistent and sustained collaboration with other educators.  

The infographic reveals our dedicated, voluntary leadership in the delivery of professional development as well as our involvement in external professional networks–51% of librarians seek ideas at least weekly from online networks, compared to 23% of educators overall.

Remodeling Literacy Learning: Making Room for What Works, a national survey of 2400 educators across grade levels and disciplines, investigated the connection between professional learning, educator collaboration and student learning.

Among the survey’s the key findings:

  1. Literacy is not just the English teacher’s job anymore.
  2. Working together is working smarter.
  3. But schools aren’t structured to facilitate educators working together.
  4. Many of the building blocks for remodeling literacy learning are in place.
  5. Effective collaboration needs systemic support.

An Executive Summary, prepared by the AASL Research & Statistics Committee, offers an overview of results provided by members of the AASL community.

Should you need to make the case for your ability to help build your school’s collective capacity, summer is a great time to download and share the NCLE/AASLinfographic with an administrator who is likely hard at work planning the professional development agenda for the upcoming school year.

Permission is granted to repost the pdf for educational, non-commercial use.


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