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Prepare kids for emergencies with Monster Guard

The motto here is Learn, practice, share how to stay safe during emergency

The American Red Cross, with the sponsorship of Disney, present Monster Guard, a free mobile app available at the App Store and Google Play.

Beyond the necessary, and sometimes confusing disaster drills that all students are required to experience at school, this fun, game-based app can help kids, ages 7 through 11, prepare for real-life emergencies.

Kids are introduced to five monsters characters and Maya, a trainer who leads them through an initiation and goes on to introduce of each of 14 emergency challenges across a range of disaster preparedness situations–tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and more.  Students role play as they rack up points, beat high scores and earn badges. A disaster maps allows students to discover where the various disasters are most likely to occur.  A Question Mark on the left of the screen offers game-wide support.  There’s also audio support and subtitles.

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Monster Guard presents important and engaging learning experiences that may be part of your science or social studies curricula, but are not always part of every school’s program.

Consider introducing it to parents and scout troop leaders. Use it with after school clubs.  The game may also inspire writing and enhance learning about current events.  Monster Guard would make a wonderful pairing  with the many related disaster books you are likely to have on the shelves.

Discover more about Monster Guard at the Red Cross website.

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