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Nepris: Matchmaker for classroom experts on demand

Way back in 2015, I shared a post about Nepris: Matchmaker for STEAM Learning.

It’s time for a bit of an update. The libraries of archived sessions are nowsubstantial and free, as are a wealth of other materials to inspire exploration of our students’ next steps.

If you haven’t yet discovered it, Nepris is a social community devoted to a particular type of matchmaking. It connects educators and learners with what is now a significant global database network of industry professionals and experts.  Perhaps a secret weapon for teacher librarians as we think of a broader notion of collection for a global, walls-free landscape. For teachers, it answers the question, “Why am I learning this?” And more.

No need to search for or recruit guest speakers. Every day might be career day.

The platform allows teachers to virtually invite industry professionals into the classroom as speakers, experts, mentors and project and presentation evaluators. Removing logistical barriers, it also offers industry professionals a way to share their passions–a way to offer community service and scale the impact of their educational outreach efforts beyond one-shot, career day activities. In short, it creates win-win opportunities connecting the world of work to the world of school.

After registering for a free account, teachers, librarians and counselors may create specific requests for a virtual guest speaker based on age levels, curricula or student interests. An account allows you to maintain bookmarks and playlists and connect with other members of the community. Additional features, which include a lesson plan search, are available with an upgraded subscription.

The platform integrates with the popular Zoom software for its ease of use, recording functionality and its HD video features.

Nepris offers daily opportunities for students to explore topics relevant to college and career interests. Among the themes are:

  • Women in STEM careers
  • Employability skills
  • Computer Science education week
  • Healthcare pathways
  • Financial Literacy
  • Virtual tours of workspaces etc..
  • Project Mentoring and feedback
  • Authentic audience for PBL lessons
  • Guest speakers for STEM career days
  • Industry panel for CTE capstone project presentations
  • Industry support for AVID, DECA, GT and other progra

If you do not have time to arrange your own live visit, no worries. You may choose to browse the upcoming live industry chats, filtered by Calendar, Industry Chat Series, Grade Levels, and the following Career Clusters:

The Calendar displays daily session events for on-the-fly, as well as planned learning needs.

You may also choose to browse or search the Video Library of nearly 8000 sessions.

Or, users may browse by Session Collections which offer opportunities to easily connect with grade levels and themes.

Sample session: Marcus Marina Maulucci
Game Designer at Glowlime Games

A list of female ambassadors is designed to inspire young women to explore STEM careers across industries.

Using data from O*NET Web Services from the U.S. Department of Labor, the Career Explorer section allows users to view and compare career profiles.

With its broad scope and clear curricular relevance, Nepris should be an important tool in any librarian’s instructional toolkit. Consider introducing it to your classroom teacher partners across grades and content areas.

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