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Netflix: honing your search using secret genre codes

Planning to hunker down with the family and do a little streaming this holiday season? Here’s a hack that may eliminate the crazy scrolling for consensus and promote domestic tranquillity.

If you are a Netflix subscriber, instead of randomly browsing through endless horizontal lines of broad category options, there’s a way to bypass the scrolling and the not always helpful recommendations.

Netflix offers a huge list of secret codes to help you and your picky family narrow down their film and television choices by using clever and very specific genres. Lists of these codes have popped up all over the net.

Here’s how they work.

  1. Locate one of the many web lists of Netflix codes. (A few are listed below.)
  2. Log in to your Netflix account on your browser.
  3. Once you identify the specific film or television genre you like on one of the lists, enter the following URL:[genre number]
  4. On your browser, explore the genre lists for the movie you want to stream.
  5. Either select the title directly from your browser to view on that device or use your favorite strategy–voice or text search or add it to your list–to get to the film you’ve selected on whatever platform you view Netflix.

For example, the code for Comic Book and Superhero Movies is 10118

So will take you here:

Comic Book & Superhero Movies

Try for Film Noir.

Film Noir

Or explore for movies based on Children’s Books.

Movies Based on Children’s Books

Here are a few of the secret genre code lists to get you started.

Don’t blame me if you experience excessive family binging. I am simply here to help with the search part.

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