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Nurse Nurse

from graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith:

As July rolls to its close, there is nothing more inviting in the way of books than one that can be read with no strings attached. Nurse Nurse fills that bill perfectly. It fits into even the smallest bag–or even a big pocket–so it can travel anywhere. Its inky cartoons don’t require enormous study to enjoy subtlety–but do offer up sly good humor. Its six-part story flows like a twisting babbling brook–easy to follow without having an idea of where it’s headed specifically–then finding that its end is a twist that provides a nice place to try the reader’s own hand at dreaming up one’s own story.

SKELLY, Katie. Nurse Nurse. unpaged. Sparkplug. 2012. pap. $15. ISBN 978-0-9854150-0-6. LC number unavailable.  Nurse Nurse

Adult/High School–In a future in which humans have inhabited other planets in the solar system, a nurse named Gemma finds herself bouncing from planet to planet where she is charged with caring for human colonizers suffering from contagious diseases, environmental ills, and injuries from battle. However, her story isn’t hardcore adventure or suspense, but rather a funny, sweet, and sly ramble expressively regaled in heavily inked black cartoon sketches and dialogue suited to a television sitcom. For example, contagious disease is the result of a freak butterfly experiment, while the battle injury suffered by a pirate leads him to kidnap Gemma because he needs extra help replacing his bionic leg. There are nasty girlfriends, households run by robots, and Gemma’s omnipresent, fresh-faced ingénue attitude. The story is paced just right for its wackiness and the story-within-a-story; the TV show “Nurse Nurse” adds one more layer of good-natured humor. A fun read that may inspire teens to try their own storytelling efforts on a book-length sequential art narrative.–Francisca Goldsmith, Infopeople Project, CA

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