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Weekly Reviews: Nonfiction

My Beloved World

This is Sonia Sotomayor’s 8th week on the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction Best Seller list, up to #4 from #5 last week. (Sandra Day O’Connor’s book, Out of Order, debuts at #11.) I am particularly excited to write about My Beloved World this week because I recently had a chance to booktalk it to a […]

Author Visit: Reyna Grande

The Distance Between Us

AB4T reviewer Connie Williams has been an enthusiastic supporter of Reyna Grande’s The Distance Between Us ever since she reviewed it here on AB4T last year. Recently, Connie hosted the author at her high school for what was a transformative experience for many of the teens in her community. I thought it would be inspiring to […]

Weekly Reviews: Tough Times

Me Before You

Whether memoir or realistic fiction, many teens respond to stories of struggle that are told from the heart. Here are three to recommend. Let’s begin with a love story. We haven’t featured many love stories here. At least, not weepy, traditional ones that earn a starred review! Many are couched in historical fiction or the […]

Thoughts on Alex: My Friend Dahmer


We review a lot of graphic novels around here (thanks in large part to super-reviewer Francisca Goldsmith) so, as we said on Monday, Angela and I were very happy to see a GN on the Alex Awards list this year.  As I somewhat embarrassingly indicated, though, I hadn’t read Derf Backderf’s My Friend Dahmer, so I […]

Weekly Reviews: Nonfiction for Browsing

Dancers Among Us

Teen behavior in libraries includes a lot of browsing. I have two different display spaces in my small high school library. Fortunately, one of them is right in front of my desk, so I often get the chance to watch students check out the latest books (surreptitiously, lest I scare them away!). Some will just […]

Weekly Reviews: Girls

Wild Girls

Title Girls are all that tie these three books together. Otherwise, the combination serves as a great example of the variety of books that appeal to different teen readers. We begin with a rather intellectual historical fiction novel, Eight Girls Taking Pictures. The tie-in to the arts is a great hook for young adults. Photography […]

American Gypsy: A Memoir

American Gypsy

Oksana Marfioti (née Kopylenko) has succeeded in writing a funny and creative coming-of-age memoir, one that encompasses the immigrant experience, an inside look at Roma culture, and one doozy of a dysfunctional family. (Her father moves to the U.S. hoping to play with B.B. King but ends up telling fortunes and performing exorcisms. Quite lucrative in L.A., […]

The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us

In her new memoir, Reyna Grande, author of Dancing with Butterflies and Across a Hundred Mountains, tells the story of illegally immigrating to the U.S. from Mexico, and the difficulties being apart for long periods of time caused her family. The Los Angeles Times calls it “the “Angela’s Ashes” of the modern Mexican immigrant experience,”and praises […]

Full Body Burden

Full Body Burden

“Full Body Burden” refers to the amount of radioactivity which can be safely tolerated by a human body through its lifetime. Kristen Iversen‘s memoir combines life within a dysfunctional family and the investigation of a nuclear weapons program cover-up that took place in her own backyard. Teens will be outraged by the government’s willingness to hide […]

Runaway Girl

Runaway Girl

Watching her book trailer, it’s easy to see why Carissa Phelps is a successful motivational speaker and youth advocate. She has an incredible story and a caring, charismatic determination to help others. Phelps also created a documentary short about her life, Carissa (2008), which was produced by Davis Guggenheim, director of An Inconvenient Truth. PHELPS, […]