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Battle of the Books

2013 Contenders Speak: Day 2


Just because my main character is shorter in height doesn’t mean he’s short in bravery, courage, and kindness; or that he’s less intelligent, or less creative, or less of a human, even when people kidnap him and put him in cages.  He always knows what is right.  His name is Jepp and he defies the stars and comes out a winner!  Make it so, here at Battle of the Kids’ Books!


—  al, 6th grade & lk1, 5th grade 

LIAR AND SPYliarandspyicon

You probably won’t believe me, I know. I am a liar and a spy, but honestly I am just like you. I like to play Scrabble and watch “America’s Funniest Home Videos” on TV. And it may sound crazy, but I do something else. I join a spy club.  There is a man who lives in my building, a killer. I know it. Here we go again. you think I’m lying.

In my story I show many themes. Take a deep breath: lies, truth, bullying, fears, family, courage, friendship, games, science, art and history. I should win this competition because I teach people about friendship, kindness, and I show them how to look at the big picture. You probably won’t believe me, I know. I am a liar and a spy and to you, that’s all that counts.

 — aj, 6th grade & gd, 5th grade


I am Moonbird. I am part of the species rufa red knot. I should win the Battle of the Kids Books because I am not just any old non-fiction, I am a story of hope and the way to survive. I show resilience and survival through hard times. Now I have to leave for the Arctic. It’s migrating season. Bye!

— mc, 6th grade

nocrystaliconNO CRYSTAL STAIR

I tell the story of Lewis Micheaux, in as much truth as is possible. The different voices in my story reveal the multiplicity of history, and even more than that, the complexity of humanity. I show Michaux’s struggle for freedom and an African-American identity, as well as the paths of his family members in the same quest. Throughout, I emphasize the importance of learning in a discriminatory world. In direct and forceful language, I show what people can do.

— rgn, 8th grade


  1. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    The Battle Commander heads wonder… how would your students/young library patrons write for these books? Please share if there’s any student work :)


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